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  • verb

Synonyms for overstep

to go beyond the limits of

Synonyms for overstep

pass beyond (limits or boundaries)

be superior or better than some standard

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CORONATION STREET: AT the Rovers, Poppy tries to assert her authority as manageress but oversteps the mark, while Ken and Deirdre are relieved when Peter finally admits that he has a problem with alcohol.
I don't mind them showing their passion and committment but if it oversteps the mark and they get red cards, I wouldn't have been happy.
In a desperate attempt to get herself kicked out of camp she oversteps the mark - but her efforts fall flat.
Though clearly when it oversteps the mark we deal with it and issue rebukes.
There have got to be decisions from the referee when the defender oversteps the mark.
EASTENDERS (8pm BBC1) DEXTER is getting pretty nervous about his kidney op - but when he starts knocking back the shots at Jay's belated birthday party, he oversteps the mark when he starts pawing Lola a little too persistently.