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stay too long


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She said she would not have overstayed in the car park if it had not been for her involvement in the incident.
Major General Al Menhali yesterday stressed the amnesty, approved by the Cabinet of Ministers in April, covers only those who overstayed their visit or resident visas, but not infiltrators, who will be treated like criminals.
Under the Easy Exit scheme, launched in May, people who have overstayed their visas can volunteer to leave the country without facing any fines.
The administrative measures allow foreigners who have overstayed their visit visa stays to regularise their situation and leave Bahrain after paying the required fees and without facing any legal action," Shaikh Rashid Bin Khalifa Al Khalifa, the interior ministry undersecretary for nationality, passports and residency, said.
Forty-one wanted criminals and 1,087 people who had overstayed their visas or residency permits were arrested in the raids.
National Weather Service forecaster Bruce Rockwell said the seasonal phenomenon of cold air and cloudy skies dubbed ``June gloom'' overstayed its welcome this year, discouraging the city's sun worshippers.
An Indian resident, who has a bounced cheque case against him, said he had overstayed his visa for almost a year and the Dubai residency department had refused to waive the fines.
The GDN had reported last month that expatriates who had overstayed their resident permit or not been able to renew their visas were being urged to approach their embassies for help to return home.
Mutia said that in previous years there were more Filipino pilgrims who overstayed their Umrah visas and did not return to the Philippines as scheduled.
Justice Department officials said the majority of those detained had overstayed their visas and that, by midday Thursday, all but about 100 had been released after it became clear they posed no threat.
The repatriated Filipinos, which include 36 men, 14 women and four children, were among the 165 Filipinos who overstayed and underwent processing at the Saudi deportation centre in Jeddah.
21, includes a provision that allows qualified immigrants to apply for lawful permanent residency status - while living in the United States - even if they entered without inspection, overstayed a visa or worked without authorization, according to the Immigration and Naturalization Service.
Most of those aliens came with legal student or work visas but overstayed them.
Manama: Diplomats have urged Bahraini authorities to include foreigners who overstayed visit visas to be included in a general amnesty for illegal residents.
At Kam Inn they arrested a Chinese woman, 42, who had overstayed her visa and a 51-year-old Chinese man who was in the country illegally.