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stay too long


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Shintre also said that Sami's case is being treated like any other overstay in the country, and added that the Mumbai Police is vested with the right to grant a Pakistani citizen a 30 day extension of visa if it is needed.
I was advised that a sum of pounds 70 was payable for an overstay of 31 minutes in an area of the site which I always understood to be two hours and not one hour.
It appears that as the recession continues to grow, more and more people are opting to overstay working holiday visas or are working illegally on holiday visas.
My husband was advised to ask for a permit to display in the vehicle window if we should visit again or intend to overstay the 1.
Summary: Tunis, July 17, 2010, SPA -- Tunisian Minister of Religious Affairs Abu Bakr Alakhozori has renewed the keenness of Tunisian authorities on not allowing Umrah performers to overstay after performing their rituals and on returning to their country on specific dates, stressing that the authorities.
The majority of visitors who are tracked depart on time, but others overstay--and since September 11, 2001, the question has arisen as to whether overstay issues might have an impact on domestic security.
He added that expats who overstay their visas will be offered leniency if they are
You are now requested to leave the Kingdom in accordance with departure schedules, as Saudi laws do not allow you to overstay your visas," the department told pilgrims.
The UK Home Office took pains to insist that the plan would not be into force for all visitors but only those specifically picked for being likely to overstay their visa or abuse it in other ways.
When we ask the drivers of the public transports to operate their vehicles and dont overstay, they resort to misbehave the passengers, Chaudhry Adnan-ul-Hassan a government servant and a frequent user of the public transport told APP.
Our study revealed that there are thousands of expatriates and their families who overstay in the country.
Nobody likes paying parking tickets, but there is a simple way of avoiding them - don't park on double yellow lines or overstay on meters and you won't get a ticket.
Family guarantors may be fined if visitors overstay.
This has heightened attention to issues such as (1) the extent of overstaying, (2) weaknesses in our current overstay tracking system, and (3) how the tracking system weaknesses and the level of overstaying might affect domestic security.