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the relocation of people from overcrowded cities

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the occurrence of surplus liquid (as water) exceeding the limit or capacity

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Our success in winning large overspill orders in the period has strengthened the group's order book, which gives us confidence and visibility for our full year performance.
Of the 13 Authorities that make up the wider housing market area, seven - Bromsgrove, Cannock, Lichfield, North Warwickshire, Redditch, Solihull and Stratford on Avon - have said that they will review their Local Plans when the scale of the Birmingham overspill is confirmed.
Given the closeness of the two river sections, I'm astonished that an overspill tunnel has never been driven at the south end of Yarm to connect the two sections.
To improve safety and maximise operational efficiency, there is an increasing need for automated level monitoring technology to provide overspill protection on tanks and vessels.
This was probably an overspill of aggression and grievance from May's play-off battle when there were yellow cards for Manu Tuilagi and Chris Ashton but Tuilagi should have been sent off.
An overspill lecture theatre will be in operation for the session.
Beer's carbonation leaves a person particularly susceptible, as pressing the wedge of lemon into the open bottle can cause an unexpected bubbly overspill.
Christine Skelton, a Swansea centre manager for Cyrenians Cymru, which helps support homeless people, said hostels had been filling up quickly and some bed and breakfasts had been used to cope with the overspill.
The Episkopi transmitter, on channel 56, with overspill into Pissouri, Channel 68 in Akrotiri and both Dhekelia transmitters fell silent on Monday.
A Bielomatik automated lubrication system that controls precisely the amount of lubricant released without overspill to rotating and moving parts is a standard feature on many of the packaging machines designed and built by Kliklok-Woodman.
Little old ladies will go to jail for putting their copy of the Church Times in the wrong sack, neighbours will nip across garden walls at midnight to deposit rubbish in the next-door bin for fear of an overspill charge on their own, a can tossed unwashed into the tin bin will see you in Belmarsh.
With slightly higher timber and glass signage screens enclosing the balcony vending points and seating areas, invisible white-noise curtains are employed to mysteriously absorb sound overspill between break-out spaces and workstations.
The new 31 Ink is a black, ethanol-based specialty ink that is well-suited for coding applications that require resistance to alcohol overspill.
There is now an overspill into Brazil, where buyers are seeking to switch from Argentina.
Likewise, the new daytime offering Judge Rinder is just Judge Judy with a bitchy panto dame in the chair and contestants culled from The Jeremy Kyle Show's overspill bus.