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simplify to an excessive degree

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make too simple

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Sometimes because they have been working mainly with vendors and contractors, building smaller data centres, they also get get influenced by vendors that try to oversimplify things because they want the project no matter what.
Public disputes at London's Design Museum, for example, has led to speculation that Terence Conran will follow James Dyson by lodging his resignation due to internal curatorial disputes, while last year's exhibition at the V & A, Zoomorphic, was a disappointing and ridiculous attempt to oversimplify similarities between architecture and nature.
To oversimplify, when a tooth develops pain from an infection, and a root-canal treatment is performed, anaerobic bacteria become sealed in the dentin tubules.
While he is disappointed that the United States has not signed the United Nations treaty to ban land mines, he refuses to oversimplify the issue.
In van Beek's attempts to convert scholarly evidence into popular language he tends to oversimplify.
To oversimplify, if there is inherently a higher probability of more material misstatements in firm A than in firm B, then the same control structure has a higher risk of failing to detect/correct misstatements in firm A than in firm B.
Ultimately, this determination to oversimplify makes pro-life and pro-choice activists oddly compatible.
I don't want to oversimplify or paint too rosy a picture here," he says.
I don't mean to oversimplify things, but in most cases, when things turn bad you have to get back to blocking and tackling," he says.
Scientists must often base their formulas on estimates, which combined can oversimplify atmospheric conditions and throw off climate predictions.
Not to oversimplify, but if Lava Man's victims are weaker than Bernardini's and Invasor's, then Lava Man's will have been running slower, and the difference will be reflected in speed ratings, such as the Daily Racing Form's Beyer figures, which take into account times and track conditions.
At the same time, the book doesn't oversimplify, or pretend that the road to self-actualisation is an easy one.
To oversimplify, we are punished by our sins, not for them.
tells Communists how common people feel so that they might not oversimplify th e experience of the masses and that they might better know how to appeal to them.
Throughout, Campo is careful not to oversimplify the arguments he analyzes, and while his exposition of this sometimes dense material is well-organized and careful, focusing on a number of specific poems, Campo shows how Ronsard appears to discredit such paintings while exalting the status of poetry, highlighting the semantic instability of painting and affirming the semiotic plentitude of poetry.