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Synonyms for overshoot

an approach that fails and gives way to another attempt

shoot beyond or over (a target)

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Chicago Fed President Charles Evans said in September there wouldn't be "any serious costs of modestly overshooting our inflation target -- particularly considering how long inflation has been below our target.
If a hot-runner zone is discovered to be overshooting while the mold is running, the first step should be to take a minute and observe all the zones on the controller.
An Air France passenger plane carrying 309 passengers and crew members from Paris caught fire after overshooting a runway on landing at Pearson International Airport in Toronto on Tuesday afternoon, airport officials said.
After overshooting the final approach course by 20 degrees, the pilot rolled wings level at .
But in the rush to serve the most demanding customers in the industry, companies end up overshooting increasing swaths of a market.
The European Commission is punishing Greece and Spain for massively overshooting cotton production quotas in the marketing year 2002/03, by cutting support prices.
An Air Nostrum aircraft crash landed at Spain's Melilla airport on Friday (17 January) after overshooting the runway.
At night, the light boxes, overshooting the long walls on both sides, wash the walls with luminance so the building becomes an extraordinary beacon.
The quick change from one branch to the other means that overshooting a field could mix the results from the two branches.