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footwear that protects your shoes from water or snow or cold

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There'll be a check at the post-office, I know, and we'll transmute it into beautiful buckwheat flour, a gallon of maple syrup, and a new pair of overshoes for you.
said she, getting her overshoe and her boot off at last and starting to take off her stockings.
When she came close and looked in she beheld indistinct forms racing up and down to the figure of the dance, the silence of their footfalls arising from their being overshoe in "scroff"--that is to say, the powdery residuum from the storage of peat and other products, the stirring of which by their turbulent feet created the nebulosity that involved the scene.
Contract:This tender is for two lots, lot one represents ppe (gloves, aprons, oversleeves, overshoes, laundry sacks) and lot 2 is for work wear (tunics, tabards, fleece, trousers) etc.
A COUNCIL'S sports service is reducing the amount of plastic it uses by getting rid of the plastic overshoes provided to customers when entering changing rooms.
All staff attending the patient wear caps, masks, canvas overshoes and sterile gown and gloves, as for any sterile procedure.
Alex said: "We were having a debate with the director about whether we would be allowed to simply walk all over a crime scene without overshoes on in case we contaminated the evidence.
5 billion unfunded liability is a pair of cement overshoes on Oregon's future.
These volunteers wore personal protective equipment (PPE): coveralls with hoods, large goggles, waterproof respirator masks that filter [greater than or equal to] 94% of airborne particles, waterproof overshoes, a double pair of nitrile gloves, and a third pair of latex gloves.
He briefly went to his nearby home to get his overshoes and saw the building engulfed in smoke and flames when he returned.
Protective clothes, gloves, caps, boots, and overshoes for personnel;
Dilek's family members told the press that a police officer shot her in the chest after she insisted that they put on overshoes before entering the house, while the police claimed she was shot during a scuffle that erupted when a family member attempted to snatch an officer's gun.
Rubber from one old tire was said to be enough to make 12 gas masks or boots for 20 paratroopers; 1,000 overshoes provided enough rubber to make a medium-sized bomber.