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footwear that protects your shoes from water or snow or cold

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said she, getting her overshoe and her boot off at last and starting to take off her stockings.
There'll be a check at the post-office, I know, and we'll transmute it into beautiful buckwheat flour, a gallon of maple syrup, and a new pair of overshoes for you.
Here were deposited the cloaks, clogs, overshoes, umbrellas, hoods, and pelisses of the guests.
The practice died out early in the 20th century, but a child's laced wooden overshoe was recently discovered under the floorboards of this stone cottage.
This will include wearing overshoe covers, showering before entering the water and making sure that babies/toddlers wear swim nappies.
During November 2011 and April 2012, overshoe swab samples from broiler houses in Rio Grande do Sul state were processed in the Poultry Health Laboratory &Technological Innovation of the Instituto de Pesquisas Veterinarias Desiderio Finamor (IPVDF).
Fortunately, that's my size, so I could wear an overshoe over my boots.
If I'm in West Overshoe, I'm not famous because nobody has heard of me.
Alternatively, deployment of a new non-slip sole for work shoes and boots or an overshoe for icy conditions may yield results in reduced slips and falls in just one winter season.
Since SAFETYTOES launched its overshoe in October 2006 there have been numerous requests for what it says is the smallest safety overshoe available.
Why do journalism conventions still allow reports that "Jane Smith, 47, was trampled to death by a rabid emu in downtown East Overshoe this morning"?
New England Overshoe makes "performance over-shoes," which are galoshes with traction soles that fit over sneakers, sandals, wing tips, or other shoes for waterproof use on street and trail.
In reality, Postal Service customers may say they live anywhere - Wuthering Heights or East Overshoe if they choose - and still get their mail as long as it carries the correct ZIP code.
We have also invested a large amount of time in further educating our team and customers on how their actions can improve hygiene, including the implementation of a new overshoe policy and a new buggy park away from the swimming pool.
The Kleanfeat system from AMPS INTERNATIONAL Ltd includes unique and patented fully automatic overshoe loaders and removers in attractive easy to clean designs.