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Synonyms for oversexed

having excessive sexual desire or appeal


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Minstrelsy promoted the notion that black men were inherently violent, savage, oversexed and immoral beings.
In Garden of Death, screened in September 2000, Dudgeon was cast as an oversexed gardener - say no more
For single fathers with daughters, the search for a girl's Halloween costume can be treacherous, filled with oversexed and stereotyped "choices.
When they met, he was just a normal lad, not an overpaid, overpraised, oversexed - or if you believe the whores he went with, somewhat under-sexed - footling superstar.
When asked about her similarities to Blanche, she often replied: "Well, Blanche was an oversexed, self-involved, man-crazy, vain Southern belle from Atlanta - and I'm not from Atlanta.
He starred as an oversexed rock star in the Hollywood rom-com "Forgetting Sarah Marshall" earlier this year.
Combining a blind girl with a short fuse, an agoraphobic cellist, a barely competent guide dog, two oversexed possums and a caged hermit crab who thinks he's Steve McQueen in The Great Escape, Silvey gives readers a story of redemption, human connection and maybe love.
After the breakup, Peter heads to Hawaii for a little therapeutic r&r, a plan that goes horribly and hilariously awry when Sarah shows up at the same resort with her new boyfriend, an oversexed English rock star, Aldous Snow (Russell Brand).
Even though Demi and Ashton have made it somewhat more mainstream for older women to be with younger men, I think it's probably safe to say that the majority of under-30 guys are mostly oversexed and not overly into having intellectually stimulating conversations.
Any thing that will take the 800-pound, oversexed gorilla off our back and give us a moment of peace for the next generation of our families would be wonderful.
On one episode of Work Out, Mimi dispenses some discipline of her own to oversexed trainer Rebecca after the flirtatious employee playfully moons her boss.
As expected, Aisleyne, rather than Susie, was voted to move next door on Friday night and was then greeted with five new faces - oversexed ladies' man Jonathan, teetotal Irish DJ Spiral, gay student Michael, young Scouse bird Jennie and roly-poly exhibitionist Jayne.
Easy, too (in our current oversexed though paradoxically conservative moment) to miss completely the ethical imperatives driving Schneemann's eros-laden 1963 performance Eye Body, with its images of Schneemann as a ritualistically painted, serpent-strewn goddess.
He wrote his book, he continues, to "reexamine the true consequences of the oversexed society in which we live.
We learn therefore, in this intriguing study of a complex, oversexed man, that Picasso left a financial empire behind at his death, not to mention 40,000 works of art and 149 notebooks containing 4,689 drawings.