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sew (two edges) with close stitches that pass over them both

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On occasion, if you lose the pedicle high in the surgical field, you can try to oversew it.
He underwent a three-hour procedure to oversew a perforation of the sigmoid colon.
For patients with recurrent pneumothorax, surgery to remove, oversew, or staple any residual blebs may be indicated.
These 2 patients underwent subtotal petrosectomy, oversew of the cartilaginous ear canal, occlusion of the eustachian tube, and obliteration of the middle ear and mastoid.
13) We prefer a subtotal petrosectomy with oversew of the ear canal, direct eustachian tube occlusion, and middle ear and mastoid obliteration in patients with severe-to-profound SNHL or a history of recurrent meningitis.