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unduly sensitive or thin-skinned

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If the immune system [body's natural defence against infection and illness] is oversensitive, it reacts to allergens by producing antibodies to ward off the harmful allergens.
Most non-Muslims feel the same way as most Muslims - that this was a pathetic attempt to wind up an oversensitive minority.
There can be a risk of people being oversensitive and sanitising these things," the Daily Mail quoted Elliott as telling The Telegraph.
They may also experience difficulty with tracking across the page, struggle with glare on the page or be oversensitive to bright lights.
Sensitive Touch 5 Min SOS Cream was developed in cooperation with the Finnish Allergy and Asthma Federation specifically to soothe extremely dry, stressed and oversensitive skin.
However, like Rachel Heyhoe Flint, I do think we are getting a little oversensitive and PC over this subject.
You find yourself feeling self conscious and oversensitive.
Eroglu said he already told Christofias that they would discuss all chapters and sub-topics in their first meeting, adding that there was no need to be oversensitive.
You're being oversensitive," soothed my husband Chris in the first couple of months of being asked it time and time again.
It wasn't the paucity of Den's cooking talents that stimulated by oversensitive gag reflex.
The 5ft 2in strawberry blonde writes: "Some people became so oversensitive to the risk of offending someone they feared upsetting anyone.
Call me oversensitive, but I don't need to hear that I'm too hairy (as one fella pointed out).
Organizers have also issued a manual (A Guide to Chinese Law for Foreigners Coming to, Leaving, or Staying in China During the Olympics) whose original version was derogatory toward athletes with disabilities who will be participating in the Paralympic Games in September, stating that such people "can be stubborn and controlling, unsocial or oversensitive .
At follow-up, "after 3 months of continuous hospitalization," the patient was still described as "at times oversensitive and combative.