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unduly sensitive or thin-skinned

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To understand why some people are at a higher risk, Dr Hattawi said that some people become oversensitive to allergens.
The most common cause of migraine is an oversensitive brain responding to external triggers such as fatigue, hunger, stress or atmospheric conditions.
Most non-Muslims feel the same way as most Muslims - that this was a pathetic attempt to wind up an oversensitive minority.
With their meteoric and long-awaited success, they--just like the Irish--no longer feel oversensitive about jokes and jibes.
There can be a risk of people being oversensitive and sanitising these things," the Daily Mail quoted Elliott as telling The Telegraph.
I think nowadays a lot of people get a bit oversensitive.
They may also experience difficulty with tracking across the page, struggle with glare on the page or be oversensitive to bright lights.
Call me oversensitive, but the statement falls far short of good safety instruction.
However, like Rachel Heyhoe Flint, I do think we are getting a little oversensitive and PC over this subject.
CALL MY ARIES LINE TO HEAR MORE 0904 470 0721 YOU find yourself feeling self conscious and oversensitive.
For reasons that are still unclear, this muscle can become oversensitive and contracts suddenly as the bladder fills up resulting in a sudden need to urinate.
Eroglu said he already told Christofias that they would discuss all chapters and sub-topics in their first meeting, adding that there was no need to be oversensitive.
It wasn't the paucity of Den's cooking talents that stimulated by oversensitive gag reflex.
The 5ft 2in strawberry blonde writes: "Some people became so oversensitive to the risk of offending someone they feared upsetting anyone.