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Synonyms for overreach

overreach yourself


  • try to be too clever
  • go too far
  • overdo it
  • bite off more than you can chew
  • be hoist with your own petard
  • have too many irons in the fire
  • defeat your own ends
  • have your schemes backfire or boomerang or rebound on you

Synonyms for overreach

to go beyond the limits of

to get the better of by cleverness or cunning

Synonyms for overreach

fail by aiming too high or trying too hard

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Berman said the Patriot Act ``provides a number of critical tools in an effort to deter and apprehend terrorists'' but that ``in a few cases it overreaches, and some of the administration policies undertaken since Sept.
To my mind, the treatment of devils and angels overreaches and is less convincing; nevertheless, it casts new light, especially on Panurge.
In a nutshell: Tonight's episode overreaches to an unseemly degree, but Harmon and McCallum are an agreeable team.
Add to this a rich, expressive voice that never overreaches, never calls attention to itself and yet can bring chills of emotion to the most hardened theater-goer.