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Synonyms for overreach

overreach yourself


  • try to be too clever
  • go too far
  • overdo it
  • bite off more than you can chew
  • be hoist with your own petard
  • have too many irons in the fire
  • defeat your own ends
  • have your schemes backfire or boomerang or rebound on you

Synonyms for overreach

to go beyond the limits of

to get the better of by cleverness or cunning

Synonyms for overreach

fail by aiming too high or trying too hard

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That was precisely the aspect of the Bush Doctrine that led to the overreach that cost so much in blood and treasure that Nau decries.
It is the product of a criminal justice system rife with intimidation and prosecutorial overreach," said Swartz's family in a statement.
Collet said: "Her near fore was touched in an overreach but it's not a nasty injury.
This was the wrong person, this was the wrong case, and the Espionage Act was an overreach.
The eight-yearold has been off the track since suffering an overreach injury when finishing runnerup to Well Chief in the Betfred Celebration Chase at Sandown in April.
But despite the overreach, his book largely succeeds in fulfilling its ambitions: to explain just how soccer and culture interact and, more specifically, to see how soccer works against a backdrop of globalization.
The top Irish performer suffered an overreach when landing the James Nicholson Wine Merchant Champion Chase at Down Royal last month, and although he has not missed any work, his trainer was unsure about running in the Grade One race earlier in the week.
If you overreach and try to be too innovative, you can go bankrupt, he warns.
Other troubling illustrations of military overreach abound.
and said, "The economic uncertainty is because of SEC overreach.
However, the Institute expressed its concern to the Senate Finance Committee that the bill would overreach its target, resulting in a statute so broad, vague and punitive it would have a burdensome effect on normal transactions.
Rather it is the active and willful attempt to overreach our powers.
That, of course, is exactly what happened in the late 1980s as the well-intentioned machinery of broader recovery, through overreach and exploitation, began to break down despite the efforts of AA's founders to protect its organization from outside interests.
We firmly believe that the gainful employment regulation represents regulatory overreach, conflicts with Congressional intent and previous Congressional actions on higher education, was developed through a biased and tainted process, and was implemented without exploring the impact on minorities, women, and jobs.
In short, the Stream Protection Rule is a prime example of Federal overreach with no appreciable benefits and limited consideration of practical applications.