overnight case

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a small traveling bag to carry clothing and accessories for staying overnight

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That's fine," she replied, "just knock on the door and bring an overnight case.
Hitchcock continued to tease when Stewart's cop friend looks at Lisa's overnight case.
She brought him back to her apartment, where he opened an overnight case filled with whips, handcuffs, leather masks and a French maid's uniform.
This means she has a bright red overnight case on wheels plus two over-flowing plastic bags.
I was just in St Albans this morning where my son lives and a lady saw me struggling with my overnight case and came up to me.
Everybody's so excited for us,'' Martha said Monday afternoon, packing an overnight case for the flight early today to New York, where the show is produced.
Pack overnight case - don't forget your toothbrush, of course.
Eriksson, 56, later left home alone on Tuesday, reportedly with an overnight case.
This need gave rise to, among others, wheeled overnight cases that can fit the essentials including clothes, laptop and toiletry kit for a short trip.
The contestants meekly began unzipping the overnight cases they had carried and dug out all that they had brought along.
Back seat passengers have ample leg room and the boot can cater for overnight cases.
But now Wetherspoon has reopened the hotel with new staff and a few months later we were trooping in with our overnight cases.