overnight case

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a small traveling bag to carry clothing and accessories for staying overnight

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The new 1510LOC Laptop Overnight Case is the toughest carry-on case available today that complies with the revised airline standards," explained Rocky Mountain Tool General Manager Ben Miller.
That's fine," she replied, "just knock on the door and bring an overnight case.
This means she has a bright red overnight case on wheels plus two over-flowing plastic bags.
The line includes carryall bags, laptop bags, camera bags, camcorder bags, CD wallets and a wheeled overnight case.
I was just in St Albans this morning where my son lives and a lady saw me struggling with my overnight case and came up to me.
Everybody's so excited for us,'' Martha said Monday afternoon, packing an overnight case for the flight early today to New York, where the show is produced.
Pack overnight case - don't forget your toothbrush, of course.
Eriksson, 56, later left home alone on Tuesday, reportedly with an overnight case.
Back seat passengers have ample leg room and the boot can cater for overnight cases.
But now Wetherspoon has reopened the hotel with new staff and a few months later we were trooping in with our overnight cases.
Famous hairdresser Trevor Sorbie has his own successful range of men's toiletries, named Mg which he's now made available in titchy travel sizes - easy-to-pack bottles which take up the minimum room in sports bags, desk drawers and overnight cases, but which offer everything a bloke needs for a high-speed freshen up.