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Synonyms for overlap

a representation of common ground between theories or phenomena

the property of partial coincidence in time

a flap that lies over another part


coincide partially or wholly

extend over and cover a part of

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We define community overlap level P, which is a probability denoting the percentage of nodes in the overlapping portion of the total nodes.
Mueller and James (1984) built the procedure which was used to analysis the phenotypic response to selection of traits with direct and maternal components when generations overlap by adding the age-sex distributions.
The one-letter overlap can be generalized to a two-letter or three-letter one.
Toyota changed the airbag algorithm in this model to allow the side curtain airbags to deploy in a small overlap crash.
Along with home-range size, home-range overlap is a common method used to demonstrate the link between resource availability and group formation (Atwood & Weeks 2003), as the extent of overlap represents the proportion of an animal's home range containing additional individuals.
And when the team measured the binocular overlap of the shark with the widest hammerhead, the winghead shark, it was a colossal 48 deg.
Gavel and Iselid's study [5] not only looked at the citation database Web of Science, but also studied the coverage overlap of various science, technology, and medicine (STM) databases.
In order to seal the film, an overlap of between 25-35mm of film is required.
Bharat and Border (1998) measured overlap among websites indexed by Hotbot, Altavista, Excite, and Infoseek using 10,000 queries carried out at two different intervals of time in June 1999 and November 1999, and found that the overlap was very small, less than 1.
To eliminate the possibility of coinfection with 2 different NoV genotypes, to localize the potential recombination site, and to clarify a possible recombination mechanism, the ORF1/ORF2 overlap and flanking polymerase and capsid regions of 146/Kunming/04/China was amplified with primers Yuri22F and GIISKR to produce a 1,158-bp amplicon (3,4).
An FOCJ, unlike a traditional local government, would be more specialized by function and could overlap with the territory of another FOCJ; two FOCJs could find themselves in competition with one another.
The modern African elephant has a slightly smaller overlap, sharing about 95.
Overlap underneath zones and force the receivers out of the seams.
Student F noticed Pianist Two's use of overlap legato, particularly in the melody and when hearing Pianist Two's performance again, he realized the overlap legato created the dynamic of the tone produced.