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the capability to obliterate a target with more weapons (especially nuclear weapons) than are required

any effort that seems to go farther than would be necessary to achieve its goal

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The highlight of the Overkill feature is the way that you can affect not only the way the game plays out by allowing more time to take out enemies but it also allows you to reshape the environment to remove cover or obstacles away from the enemy.
Besides drawing lockup and overkill, ZWCAD+ 2012 SP1 has developed other useful express tools such as Scale List and Mvsetup to further increase its industrial applicability.
All told Overkill is and over the top and pretty simplistic, but it's all the better for it.
Step 6 may seem like overkill, but this step helps minimize the risk of immediately recontaminating hands.
The Everglades holds over 2 million acres of countryside to enjoy, so even though other explorations by different authors have appeared, it's no overkill to add yet another.
If it requires both in-house maintenance and dealership maintenance to do this, then it cannot be considered overkill," Bashore says.
What if there was a technology that brought the benefits of RAID to secondary storage, but didn't have the power and cooling overkill of RAID?
The intense deployment of props (miniature coffins) and design elements (rising mounds of earth from which victims emerge) ultimately trivialized a serious subject through decorative overkill.
At the same time, Eckert's ears were also tuned in to the art-damaged punk and wise-ass rift-rock of Chicago's Jesus Lizard and Urge Overkill.
03, page 41), I felt the firm engaged in overkill in transforming its compensation system.
In a classic case of overkill, some pesticides will destroy not only the target bug, but also all the bug's natural predators.
Boasting big hits from big stars like Amber, Kim English, and Ultra Nate, the disc suffers from diva overkill and unimaginative mixes, the very feature that will undoubtedly make it a disco-consumer magnet.
The Alliance of American Insurers, which has opposed the standard, said it was disappointed by the final OSHA rule and characterized the program as "regulatory overkill.
But recent evidence that human migrants to New Zealand extinguished the resident moas (about a dozen species of large, non-flying birds, of which the kiwi is the only survivor) 700 years ago by killing and eating them lends weight to the overkill hypothesis worldwide.
The Pentagon's e-mail ultimatum may be just the ammunition association executives need to get their own staff to evaluate whether they, too, are engaged in electronic overkill.