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If one is locked into previous views of millennials as a narcissistic band of accolade hunters wrapped in entitlement, one might confuse issues such as anxiety and depression in early adulthood as having their genesis in the false narrative provided by overindulgent parents brushing up against a deflating reality (Twenge, 2006).
series of meetings, starting in Kuwait City, to debate the introduction of legislation that would curb overindulgent usage of what
Therefore, Christmas will always win out on the popularity stakes and the overindulgent stakes with the consequences quite possibly not requiring to be faced until the summer of the next year.
Fans who hoped that director Peter Jackson and the studio would spend the past year trying to understand how utterly overindulgent it is to turn a short book into a trilogy have been disappointed - the second instalment of The Hobbit is as unsubstantial as the first.
Grand Victorian B&B, New Orleans By its very nature New Orleans is an overindulgent feast for the senses and a stay at the Grand Victorian B&B in the garden district offers the perfect respite from the cityOs famous French Quarter, only a stoneOs throw away.
Harvey grew up neglected by a busy father and fussed over by a nervous, weak-willed mother, both of whom were overindulgent and let him conduct himself as he pleased.
1996), is related more to overindulgent eating habits, which were coded as a negative coping strategy for the current study since it reportedly led to additional distress.
The aim is to tackle that cheap end of the booze market, often available via supermarkets, where white cider and super strength lager are a magnet for the young and overindulgent.
The ability to, let us say, choose (freely) health" (Sedgwick 132), but, in the context of the obesity "outbreak" narrative, this will is presumed to be compromised by Western mass culture's construction of self-obsessed, overindulgent consumer citizens.
Big eaters may be eyeing a cure to their overindulgent feeding habits.
In the common opinion of the pro-government camp, the government was overindulgent and it was high time to take firm action so as not to encourage future revolutionary movements.
There are, of course, other Western parenting styles, including a rather recent phenomenon called "helicopter parenting" (Cline & Fay, 1990), which refers to overprotective, over-controlling, and overindulgent parents, or some combination thereof.
With activities ranging from jogging, core stability and team games to fat-burn hiking, it's the perfect way to tone up, lose weight and drop inches after an overindulgent Christmas.
Superficially, some overindulgent design elements undermine the pleasure and ease of reading poetry in translation in a dual-language, facing-page format.
What is wrong is the unwillingness of our overindulgent government to protect and support bigness for the sake of bigness.