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a railway that is powered by electricity and that runs on a track that is raised above the street level

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Their demolition, along with that of the Overhead Railway that ran alongside, left The Strand as an urban motorway that's intimidating for pedestrians to cross.
OVERHEAD RAILWAY NEVER GOT OFF THE GROUND There have been several plans put forward for new ways to connect the Bay with the rest of Cardiff| Last December, council plans for a PS30m Continental-style tram-bus system linking the Bay with the University Hospital of Wales were revealed.
A new 84-page souvenir book celebrates the Overhead Railway with interviews, archive photos and a potted history of this great achievement.
Nearby, there's another overhead railway bridge, just 200 yards or so from the Solihull border.
Applications for the clamp, which is said not to damage steelwork coatings, include cranes, bridges, pipe supports, conveyors, overhead railway line equipment and access platforms.
As it approached an overhead railway bridge, the windscreen was shattered by the metal pole.
John Balmforth, deputy chairman of the West Midlands Rail Passenger Committee, said aninquiry was needed into the increasing cases of damage to overhead railway cables.
EW transport systems have gained as legendary a status as the Liverpool Overhead Railway, which operated between 1893 and 1956.
At the top is the one remaining carriage of the Liverpool Overhead Railway, which Liverpudlians took to their hearts in the 65 or so years that it ran the length of the dock estate.
A TEENAGER was fighting for life last night after falling on to overhead railway lines carrying 25,000 volts.
Two Midland teenagers suffered an electric shock and burns while playing next to an overhead railway cable carrying 25,000 volts on the West Coast Main Line.
Top-hatted gentlemen were pictured with station staff before boarding the first train on the Liverpool Overhead Railway in 1893.
It is just one of four new galleries opening on Friday, which include the whole of the first floor - the others are Liverpool Overhead Railway, City Soldiers and History Detectives.
For nearly 70 years, the MDHB Railway grew, with its distinctive little locomotives a familiar sight - particularly to passengers travelling above the docks on the Overhead Railway.