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Synonyms for overhaul

Synonyms for overhaul

to restore to proper condition or functioning

to catch up with and move past


a thorough or drastic reorganization

Synonyms for overhaul

periodic maintenance on a car or machine

the act of improving by renewing and restoring

make repairs, renovations, revisions or adjustments to

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Still with a model truck and printer version of the Overhauler, he drew interest from professionals doing remote camp work, remediation, and helicopter and aircraft operations.
Most manufacturers, suppliers and overhaulers will get a new or overhaul exchange pump to you overnight--plan on returning your pump for core credit.
We are excited about the resources and opportunities that Teledyne Continental Motors brings to the aftermarket supply and overhauler businesses," said Wickham.
Over the last two years, I've had a ringside seat as another overhauler took full payment up front from owners and couldn't seem to get their engines done, in one example, for more than half a year.
After seven months, I finally had the engine--in pieces--shipped to another overhauler, where work was actually done (I had paid for new Superior cylinders, but never got them).
Premature failures can also come from worn instrument panel shock mounts, misadjusted vacuum regulators or contaminated vacuum lines and be no fault of the overhauler.
That means that a high-time, multi-run engine can cost far more from an overhauler because of an accumulation of upcharges for non-serviceable parts.
While the concept is new in the piston aircraft market, similar programs have been the norm in the jet aircraft world for years, and aircraft OEMs, used aircraft dealers, engine overhaulers and fleet operators are signing on with AEPC's programs for pistons in impressive numbers.
She worked with aero-engine overhaulers GE Caledonian in Prestwick during her sandwich course, moving from there to the Rover Group.
Our conversations with mechanics and Gary Main of Main Turbo, one of the largest turbo overhaulers in the country, have elicited comments that they are watching to see if Hartzell does turn things around--it's too soon to tell.
Reports we get from engine overhaulers tend to be consistent with what we heard from Powermaster Engines in Tulsa, Oklahoma.