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For Beveridge, New Zealand--specifically its Labour government--had been overgenerous and over-interventionist.
Fred Logie presented for the first team giving the banking collapse, overgenerous welfare state provisions, over expansion of the public sector, too much money flowing out to Europe and heavy expenditure on foreign wars among reasons for the deficit.
15, although the 9-4 with Hills is not overgenerous.
Shareholders, led by insurers and large pension funds, have become increasingly critical of what they regard as overgenerous pay for senior executives, especially where corporate performance has been disappointing.
Mossis' roast beef, beef tongue and basterma sandwiches are also widely popular for their taste, which is reminiscent of old times when sandwiches did not drown in an overgenerous slosh of mayonnaise.
Like many others, he lamented the overgenerous land policies of the federal and state governments, which not only gave away "untold millions of fertile acres of the public domain" to railroads but also invited fraud and corruption.
144) For present purposes, the issue is not overgenerous instream appropriation laws, nor is it even whether the laws go far enough to protect vital public instream values.
The more particular and local finding for Spain is that take-out rates there are in one sense overgenerous to players.
Their counterparts today focus, with varying degrees of intensity, on the fiscal consequences of overgenerous pension and health care arrangements for public employees.
There is clearly no justification for milking this overgenerous redundancy payoff.
49) The AICPA may be overgenerous in making these allowances.
Unrealistic promises of overgenerous health and retirement benefits forced General Motors, once the world's largest company, into bankruptcy.
In the present context, Kuitca's signature architectural iconography served not only to indicate the persistent nature of his practice, but also, and more unfortunately, to call further attention to the handsome if overgenerous eight-story setting.
These practices include golden parachutes, multiyear guaranteed contracts, overgenerous severance arrangements, golden coffins, poison pills, staggered boards, and gross ups.
Could it be that it allows ordinary Americans access to facts which reveal exactly what kind of "friend" Israel has been to its overgenerous benefactor?