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draw too general a conclusion

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An offense-based system for juveniles denies the individual characteristics of each child and overgeneralizes by enforcing a "one-size-fits-all" strategy.
But the Great Myth of Hidden Harmony overgeneralizes.
Cecil-Fronsman's description of specific events and interactions is often richly suggestive, but in some ways his ambitious analysis overgeneralizes and therefore cannot bring into clear focus a complex picture that had many discrete elements.
fits it, that is, neither distorts, disorders, oversimplifies, overcomplicates, overgeneralizes, negates, adds to, takes from, or artificially separates it.
It overgeneralizes, selecting from history, business, and technology the data that fit its preconceptions.
In a similar reaction, international relations expert, Professor SavaE- Genc from ystanbul Fatih University said that "for those who know Turkey, the content of the story leads the reader in a certain direction and overgeneralizes based on a micro picture of Turkey.
Instead, both Muslims and non-Muslims are more often turning to reading material that confirms impressionistic hunches and overgeneralizes about the "other.
She overgeneralizes her observations about Hungary to other Central and Eastern Europe countries, which also decreases the scientific value of her work.