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draw too general a conclusion

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Historical analogies often are poorly chosen and overgeneralized.
PROXY-PATRON RELATIONSHIPS have been overgeneralized in policy discussions of terrorist organizations and their ties to state supporters.
On the other hand, perceiving and thinking in unrealistic, absolutist, all-or-nothing, either-or, overgeneralized terms very likely leads you to what we call emotional disturbance and to your doing poorly in both your intrapersonal and interpersonal relationships.
Importantly, however, it is noteworthy that the results presented in this paper cannot be overgeneralized.
Many crucial elements within contemporary politics--a reflexive opposition to all forms of authority, the reductive tendency to suspect the professed virtue of public figures, an ahistorical and overgeneralized simplification of human affairs to the level of a few radical ideas, an impatience with an imperfect world, and an attempt to bring about solutions through authoritarian programs of bureaucratic control--can be attributed to the proliferation of a totalizing ideological consciousness.
Too much research today is still suffering from the problematic pseudo-etic trap in which local research findings are overgeneralized to global levels and culture is treated as a simplistic post-hoc comparison mechanism.
Reading resistance in La Fille des Dieux is a reminder of McClintock's caution against an overgeneralized political view of what constitutes colonialism and postcolonialism.
Edwards challenges us to think also about the reality of working-class lives - about a logging truck driver as real person, not as anti-bicyclist overgeneralized into stereotype, but as a man perhaps caught in that dangerous roadway bind himself and in grief.
Openshaw focuses on Raj Khyapa's lineage in order to present a detailed, contextual study, instead of an overgeneralized one relying mainly on a disparate collection of songs.
Jeff Foxworthy, not the press nor the politicians, should be appointed to sort out the overgeneralized claim that Bush voters are ``stupid'' and those calling them stupid are ``effete intellectuals.
This additional information from WHI, together with new data from other studies looking at nonoral administration of estrogens that have shown differences in inflammatory and hemostatic markers, all contribute to the sense that the WHI results should not be overgeneralized.
So I hesitate to draw any overgeneralized conclusions as to what they each do.
The report overgeneralized the impact of the malpractice crisis, said Dr.
Both of these utterances only make sense if the meaning is overgeneralized to refer to falling or climbing in the abstract, although the specific forms she uses do not allow this interpretation in ASL.
Dworkin's (2000) criticism focused on two points: (1) the models are based on White gay men and then overgeneralized to other minority gays, lesbians, and bisexuals; and (2) the models have only one ending: "a fixed, integrated gay or lesbian identity across all situations" (p.