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Even foreign carriers that offer Internet on their planes have to switch the same off while overflying Indian airspace if their service-provider does not have an Indian server.
Beirut, Rajab 23, 1434, Jun 2, 2013, SPA - Lebanese security officials and the state-run news agency say low-flying Israeli warplanes are violating Lebanese airspace, overflying territory including the capital Beirut.
The CNN report said that during the time frame of the attack, the United States had collected information showing Israeli warplanes overflying Lebanon.
He nevertheless avoided overflying coastal towns and restricted areas during his recovery.
Syria has banned all Turkish civil aircraft from overflying in its territory from as of Saturday midnight.
Vasane, who kept his calm when fumes and smoke filled the cockpit of the Mig- 29 he was flying at 30,000 feet and avoided overflying a petro- chemical installation in the area before safely landing.
CAIRO: Egypt's interior ministry said Wednesday that a sonic boom from an overflying aircraft was the cause of a loud "explosion" that sent Cairo's residents in a panic.
The potential consequences for coalition aircraft currently overflying Libya if the deal had gone through are unthinkable.
The airplane wreckage was located by the Civil Air Patrol on December 24, after ELT signals received by overflying aircraft were reported.
We've been informed from Singapore that a Qantas plane overflying the area defuelled and then made an emergency landing back in Singapore," he told MetroTV.
THE UNITED States' FAA has issued a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NPRM) that will raise fees charged to airlines overflying the US.
Overflying traffic is not affected by the restrictions because all measures only apply to flights below 20,000 feet.
Lebanese Army Fire Anti-aircraft Guns at Overflying Israeli Fighter Planes
The army's anti-aircraft guns fired at four Israeli warplanes overflying southern Lebanon, Hasbaya, the Shouf and the Bekaa," all in southeastern Lebanon, an army statement said.
An eye witness said: "The aircraft was overflying the beach when it lost a lot of height and landed hard just off the Suncentre at Rhyl.