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a flight by an aircraft over a particular area (especially over an area in foreign territory)

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He also downplayed Bulgarian moves not to allow overflight to Syria-bound Russian planes, the last one being on Friday.
Comprehensive report per overflight (NDVI map, diagnostic, and problem targeting)
Let me be clear: The United States will not accept restrictions on freedom of navigation and overflight, or other lawful uses of the sea.
and overflight zones were established through the Williams Regional Planning Study in 1996, shortly after the
With increased risk to U-2 overflights, Eisenhower sought a new aircraft; the Archangel A-12 developed by Lockheed for the CIA and DoD was the answer.
Embassies potentially on the transit route were 'requested to immediately approach host governments to inform them of the flights and request their assistance to stop the flights, in Sudan's case, or deny overflight or require the planes to land for inspection.
Every single Israeli overflight of Lebanon is a violation, your question gives me a welcome opportunity to repeat that," the UN special envoy for Lebanon, Michael Williams, said.
Among the gestures toward Israel that Washington has suggested are opening trade and commercial offices, allowing Israeli aircraft overflight rights and promoting academic and cultural exchanges.
In particular, Bisignani highlighted the high cost of aviation fuel in India and the country's service tax on premium class tickets and overflight, landing and airport charges.
This de facto resolution of the overflight problem worked to American advantage as time wore on since spaceborne assets became the most reliable and effective capability for collecting intelligence on the increasingly hermetic soviet Union.
This disparity can be partly explained by the surface layer solar heating because the overflight of Aqua took place 1 h and 45 min later.
Finnish flag carrier Finnair said today that an agreement reached between the European Union and Russia on Siberian overflight payments will reduce its annual costs by EUR20 million (USD$26.
Despite all paperwork being in order and receiving all necessary approvals, the Russian authorities, for unexplained reasons, have chosen to hold up overflight rights.
As part of the agency's efforts to comply with the recommendations stemming from the investigation into the space shuttle Columbia's destruction, overflight risks are being examined for Edwards, Kennedy Space Center in Florida and White Sands in New Mexico.
The court said TCLC presented no evidence that the civilian overflights caused overflight effects that interfered with the use of TCLC's property as a landfill.