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On January 14, an Emirati military aircraft overflew Qatari territorial waters without permission from authorities in Doha, the letter further stated, adding that on February 25, another Emirati military aircraft approached the Qatari border before changing course after warnings were issued.
The rivers overflew for four times in the last year.
Subsequently, as the Cirrus was entering the final approach leg at about 1900 feet, the Gulfstream overflew the Cirrus at about 2100 feet.
Beirut, Ramadan 23, 1432, Aug 23, 2011, SPA - Israeli war planes overflew Tuesday at 10:15 (Local Time) Jezzine and Iklim El Touffah region on high altitude, according to a report of Lebanon's National News Agency (NNA).
An Israeli reconnaissance plane crossed Lebanese airspace on Friday night and overflew the country's south and the capital Beirut in what appears to be a routine violation, according to a Lebanese army statement.
An Iranian Fokker F-27 reconnaissance plane which nearly overflew the American aircraft carrier USS Eisenhower last month ignored the US ship's attempts to hail it, reported Dubai-based AL ARABIYA online, Sunday.
However, somebody said something after the Cessna first overflew the course trailing a banner - which was a reference to his Buddist background - asking the superstar: "Tiger: Did you mean Bootyism?
The US National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) reported on Monday the findings from its interviews with the pilots of the Northwest Airlines flight which became a NORDO (no radio communications) flight on 21 October and overflew its destination airport, Minneapolis-St Paul International/Wold-Chamberlain Airport (MSP), by around 150 miles, while flying from San Diego.
In the US and Canadian prairies, population estimates of many species declined, while populations increased in the boreal forest to the north, likely reflecting in part those birds that overflew the prairies because of drier habitat conditions there.
There was not enough time to take avoiding action and the Dash 8 overflew the Hawks in an incident in which there was a "high" risk of collision, the report from the UK Airprox (aircraft proximity) Board said.
Consequently, the 31-year old pilot overflew the airfield and considered the windsock, which indicated the south-westerly runway was in use.
They overflew their breeding grounds - probably in Spain - as they returned from Africa.
According to police and local officials, the aircraft overflew the exercise yard of Les Baumettes prison in southern Marseille on Saturday.
One flight in 1993 apparently overflew its destination by 900 kilometres.
helicopters belonging to the 2nd Brigade of Task Force Eagle overflew Han Pijesak to verify a sighting of five Bosnian Serb armored vehicles.