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Overfill was defined as extrusion of gutta percha beyond the radiographic apex.
Instrument 1--high level overfill prevention switch: The switch is installed to indicate when liquid in the tank reaches a dangerously high condition.
Multiple engineering plans to correct overfill did not meet ADEQ muster.
Northumbria's fleet manager Keith Wilson said: "Diesel spillages can be avoided by motorists if they don't overfill their vehicles and make sure the fuel cap is secure at all times.
Diamond-SIS is an automated overfill protection system that can prevent dangerous overfill conditions in terminals, tank farms, and process vessels.
Simmer for 15 minutes then blend in a liquidiser ( be very careful not to overfill as soup will rise up when you begin to blend).
DIXON EUROPE are proud to have recently acquired 94/9/EC ATEX certification for the Bayco range of overfill detection products.
But, sometimes, I think there are anti-nicotine fascists who over-egg the omelette or, rather, overfill the ashtray with dire warnings.
A council spokesman said: "If any householders overfill bins we may write to them, but we don't issue notices or threaten to fine them.
of Auburn, requesting that overfilled residential trash bins not be picked up, unless the overfill is in approved blue town trash bags.
What's more, pharmaceutical manufacturers usually overfill the vial by as much as 35 percent to ensure that there is a sufficient quantity of the reconstituted drug to administer the correct dose.
If you do decide to cook the stuffing in the bird, remember that the stuffing is likely to expand, so don't overfill.
Options include overfill protection, special feed-chute designs, and steel oil auger-style feed mechanisms.
Constructed from rigid, puncture-resistant plastic, Sharpsmart containers offer a broad selection of features: a fill-level gauge; a clear-view window that indicates the fill level to monitor the container's contents; an overfill protection mechanism to avoid overages; access geometry that allows the container to accept a wide range of sharps while minimizing hand access; and a final closure activation that keeps the container tamperproof.
No matter how many signs a landlord posts, some people still let sinks run or overfill toilets and water damage may result.