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excessive feeding

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It's a problem of overfeeding and too little activity,'' said Donald C.
The mother needs a very accurate (and rather expensive) scale for this, since as little as five grams (less than one-fifth of an ounce) in excess can mean dangerous overfeeding, leading to obesity and ultimately to soft-headedness.
I have a buck goat that started limping on one foot so we checked his feet for founder since we felt that we were overfeeding.
Electronic controls prevent overfeeding and automatically clear paper jams.
2 week periods of normal feeding and overfeeding for optimal results.
Overfeeding the extruder creates compound backpressure in the feed opening.
Overfeeding baby female baboons makes the primates fatter-than-normal adults, according to a study by Douglas S.
Zorak leads Brak into all kinds of trouble - like stealing the mascot of Learnmore High's rival just before the big game, overfeeding a neighbor's fish or stealing a magic candy bar.
While it is common in our culture to equate food with love and affection, pet owners should not use overfeeding as a way to express care.
A SWIFT clean-up operation will get under way at Killingworth Lake after overfeeding the swans and geese led to an explosion in the number of birds.
In very young babies, the commonest cause of posseting is overfeeding.
Interestingly, the ability of birds to form fatty liver in response to overfeeding depends not only on the species, but also on the breed of Palmipedes (Hermier et al.
The most likely explanation of that is that the pig had a sudden change of diet or overfeeding," he said.
ALMOST a third of Britain's dog owners are "killing their pets with kindness" by overfeeding them, a veterinary charity warned today.
Their findings, in a joint project with North Dakota State University, followed tests on adolescent sheep which found overfeeding and undernourishment led to smaller newborns.