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In a mechanically pumped overfeed system, a centrifugal pump draws low temperature saturated liquid refrigerant from a vessel referred to as a "pumped recirculator," "pumped accumulator," "recirculator," or "low-pressure receiver" and raises the pressure of the liquid for delivery to one or more evaporators having a common refrigerant temperature requirement.
Overfeed the terrier and you can be dragged before the courts.
A fluoride overfeed occurred on Wednesday, July 3, 1991, at a well site near an elementary school in Portage, a suburb of Kalamazoo, Michigan.
The quiet unit features automatic on/off, auto reverse, audible and visual operator indication for bag full and overfeed, as well as a powerful 1-hp continuous-duty motor, all housed in an attractive wooden cabinet on casters.
Hispanic mothers often are reported to overfeed, again supporting the idea that bigger is better.
This controller is suitable for almost every defrost application including liquid overfeed unit coolers, blast freezer evaporators and ice makers.
An ineffective system for controlling chlorination and dechlorination, combined with the necessity to maintain stringent state disinfection and residual chlorine limits, brought about excessive chemical overfeed at the city of Riverside Water Quality Control Plant.
ly/bPU0sv > SITE OF THE WEEK Sushi Cat Brilliantly addictive game - overfeed Sushi Cat in an online bagatelle and help him meet his girlfriend.
They say parents who overfeed youngsters are not looking after them properly and - in extreme cases - their children should be taken into care.
My cat isn't a porker and I'll tell you why - because I don't overfeed him.
Their tight control over expensive additives eliminates the need to overfeed in order to maintain a minimum specification.
A fluoride overfeed occurred at a well site near an elementary school in Michigan.
The first two years he is careful not to overfeed the fish so they establish the proper body contours.