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too well nourished

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Applying a cream containing nitric oxide to the skin of the overfed mice had the same effect of curbing weight gain as exposure to UV light, the team found.
We are interested in the fat deposition in the liver of the overfed goose, a complicated process involving many genes related to the metabolism of carbohydrates, amino acids, and lipids (Zhu et al.
While it can be said that most, if not all, militaries favour their officer corps, a better example could have been used for the overfed officers.
By restoring normal communication between the gut and brain, researchers resensitized overfed rodents to the pleasures of both fatty and healthy foods.
Of the female offspring from the sheep, half from each group were overfed at approximately 6 weeks of age.
IMPROVEMENT work has started at a much-loved Tyneside park that had become plagued by overfed swans.
The scientists studied fat cells from obese, female humans (via biopsy) and overfed male mice.
She proves that US law and federal policies prioritize big business over public health in our overfed yet undernourished country, and decries Big Pharma's plans to drug toddlers with mood stabilizers and Big Agri's efforts to push food waste onto the cafeteria trays of school children.
After consuming a weight-stabilising diet for 13 - 25 days, participants were randomised to diets containing 5% of energy from protein (low protein), 15% (normal protein), or 25% (high protein), which they were overfed during the last 8 weeks of their 10 - 12-week stay in the inpatient metabolic unit.
Henry, a Golden Guernsey goat, died following liver complications after being overfed with bread, including stale bread, by visitors.
SIR - With reference to Gwilym Levell of Neath (Letters, Dec 2), I would like to say that this nation is not better fed as a result of supermarket domination; more that it is overfed with poor quality food.
A BORDER collie ended up weighing more than six stone after his owner overfed him and kept him cooped up in a flat.
But I suspect that the ducks of Sefton Park are actually overfed, gobbling up many loaves of bread.
Dr Adam Drewnowski, (NOTE--SPELLING IS CORRECT) director of the Center for Public Health Nutrition at University of Washington said: "We are an overfed but undernourished nation .
The Times notes that an obesity epidemic among evermore-sedentary and overfed dogs mirrors that among humans.