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Consul General Catalla discussed issues affecting the overall well-being of FDHs in Hong Kong, such as inadequate food, overfatigue due to poorly defined working hours, unsuitable accommodations, and poor health that generally remain unreported due to FDHs fear of job termination.
Cleaves clearly envisages neurasthenia, in consonance with Beard's view, as a constitutional disposition; in those individuals who are "born potential neurasthenes" (8), "the least little overfatigue, shock, anxiety, strain of any sort, the things that cannot be avoided in life, precipitates a crisis and the anguish is reawakened in the memories of the cerebral cells" (18).
Health: High levels of stress at work or home could deprive the Sheep of relaxation and lead to overfatigue, lack of sleep, improper diet, depression and anxiety.
My father suffered an asthma attack due to overfatigue and because of the weather,' he added.
Pablo was dealing with overfatigue a mere day before their game 1 loss.