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Guards are rotated every 30 days from installation to installation to avoid overfamiliarity with the work force and lassitude from the monotony of the same physical location.
Reduced interest can be attributed to boredom, overfamiliarity with a subject or blase attitudes based on disillusionment.
Ludicrous overfamiliarity, It's hard to think that such a peaceful and seemingly prosperous country was at war with its old Yugoslavian partners little more than a decade ago.
Of course, it is possible to enjoy Sehgal's interventions as small gallery-based performances (again the artist would object to my use of the word), but they depend on our familiarity with a complex set of art-historical references: task-based performance and the convergence of dance and Conceptualism in the '60s and '70s, the exhaustion of institutional critique (Michael Asher in particular springs to mind), and an overfamiliarity with the conventions of exhibition display.
Mr Mather-Lees claimed abuse started as overfamiliarity.
When I first started counseling Kevin and his family 18 months after the accident, he had largely recovered physically from the accident but exhibited symptoms such as immature behavior, disinhibition, overfamiliarity with strangers, low frustration tolerance, grandiosity, and hypomania.
29am and Jonathan Foster QC, prosecuting, said it may be that he became annoyed at their possible overfamiliarity towards his girlfriend.
So dire is the dichotomy that we often resort to using celebrity 'sound-a-likes' or cartoon characters; Levis was never going to be disgraced by Flat Eric and Lara Croft expletives can always be edited before airing Pepsi quickly backtracked on its relationship with Michael Jackson amidst allegations of his overfamiliarity with a young boy; Ben Johnson, the sprinter, was stripped of his Olympic gold medal for drug abuse much to the chagrin of his sponsors; and Vodafone, Manchester United's sponsors, cannot be overly pleased with Roy Keane's admission of serious fouling, which has dogged him this season.
To some extent, Hewitt is working against the overfamiliarity of the Dracula legend: How are we not supposed to giggle when any actor playing the Count has to deliver the line ``I am not a wine drinker'' (pronounced ``vine drinker'')?
Perhaps overfamiliarity with the venue of The Curragh, only a five-minute walk from his box at John Oxx's, was the reason Murtagh had to get serious with the Aga Khan's colt before he got the message that this was a Classic he was taking part in, and not just another early-morning amble up the gallops.
Performances by such stalwarts of the movement as Susana Baca, Chabuca Granda, and Cecilia Barraza will be sweet music to ears jaded by the overfamiliarity of many Latin American forms.
As it happens, Cullen's response to a trip to Auschwitz in the early '90s, where he was struck by the inadequacy of Holocaust imagery made increasingly ineffectual by overfamiliarity, prompted a key early work, Auschwitz 1940-1945--a guide book through the Museum, 1993, which involved the transcription of a text describing a typical day in the camp.
Jonathan Foster QC, prosecuting said: ``It may be that Esposito became annoyed at the possible overfamiliarity by Perry and Hagan towards his girlfriend.