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Recalling his recently expressed self-awareness of the problematic nature of generic tropes and their overfamiliarity, Fletcher moves towards an artistic assertion of the possibility of a dramatic mode that corrects the faults of generic overdependence.
One's first reaction may be to blame one's overfamiliarity with the genuine version.
Geoffrey Hosking (henceforth GH, to avoid the overfamiliarity of the first name alone and the officiousness of the surname) began his academic career studying modern languages, a subject that in traditional British universities used to (and in some, such as mine, still does) emphasize the specificity of culture in comparative perspective.
At one time the maroon and white of Sheikh Mohammed was viewed with the ennui born of overfamiliarity.
It was shown that overfamiliarity was a trait of Patient A [and] she thought she was no longer responsible for him once she was dismissed from the case.
Interpersonal distortions concerning God may lead to overfamiliarity with the Divine or a sense of betrayal by the Divine when religious leaders and friends fail.
We all know the categories used by journalists and historians to describe this period of living memory--'the postwar consensus; 'the affluent society,' 'relative economic decline,' 'the permissive society'--but sometimes they obfuscate through their overfamiliarity.
These varied perspectives were informative but also potential sites of overfamiliarity, subjectivity, and assumptions.
Granted, overfamiliarity with these works might have contributed to my impression.
Overfamiliarity can breed contempt but Gent says it's not that hard to strike the right balance.
And there's the rub - overfamiliarity all too often breeds discontent.
Perhaps it was the eventual overfamiliarity with the songs or the fact the band admit they couldn't even play their instruments properly at that point, but frontman Adam Taylor is unequivocal.
Synthetic- Emergence of the Overinternalizing the conventional interpersonal as a judgments of others way to construe the The interpersonal world (a way of be- character of this ing connected to im- stage may lead to portant groups and an overfamiliarity causes; provides a with the Divine or, sense of calling) conversely, cause a sense of betrayal when relationships with religious lead- ers go awry 4.
Overfamiliarity towards your boss or work colleagues is bad etiquette.
An explanation may be that overfamiliarity with customers, markets, and development standards constrain recognition or exploitation of opportunities with breakthrough potential.