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exploitation to the point of diminishing returns

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In addition to the reduction in the supply of available water, overexploitation has severe environmental consequences, such as the increase in vulnerability of a semi-arid region in times of drought, the intrusion of saline water into the water supply, and the deterioration of ecosystems.
There is clear evidence that groundwater supplies are diminishing an estimated 20pc due to overexploitation of aquifers.
Unfortunately, human pressures, including overexploitation, illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing, destructive fishing, as well as unsustainable aquaculture practices, marine pollution, habitat destruction, alien species, climate change and ocean acidification are taking a significant toll on the worlds oceans and seas.
The main reason for decreasing populations is loss of habitat, overexploitation by hunting and fishing, and climate change.
Scott Gordon's 1954 article "The Economic Theory of a Common-Property Resource: The Fishery," economists have recognized that the overexploitation of an open-access resource--the "tragedy of the commons"--arises when individuals' incentives aren't aligned with maximizing the overall gains to society.
Among the major threats were overexploitation of water resources, overgrazing, hunting, habitat degradation (littering, fires), quarrying, habitat fragmentation, urbanisation and introduction of exotic species.
The primary causes of decline in the populations of fishes are overexploitation for commercial fisheries and widespread coral reef habitat degradation and modification, it was pointed out at the workshop, run by the Global Marine Species Assessment (GMSA), Qatar University (QU) and Qatar Museums Authority (QMA), with the support of the Qatar National Research Fund.
For decades in Europe, fishing has been a story of decline, with severe overexploitation of fish stocks and small-scale fishermen squeezed out of business by a minority of profiteering fishing barons," Saskia Richartz of Greenpeace added.
He severely criticized drug-trafficking and overexploitation of natural resources recalling to that effect his own quotations praying Jesus to render everyone of us into custodians in charge of the welfare of this universe.
This decision applies to the Oceanic whitetip shark, to three species of hammerhead sharks (scalloped, great and smooth) and to porbeagle sharks, now listed in CITES Appendix II, which lays down strict trade regulation to prevent overexploitation of the species listed.
Drastic declination in water table has occurred in the recent past due to high runoff and low recharge, overexploitation of available water resources,andurbanization.
Rhe island has since been highlighted as a warning of the dangers of overexploitation, with the theory being that the Rapa Nui eradicated the island's forests to serve their obsession with statue building.
The NSDS envisions to evolve a just and harmonious society in Pakistan through the promotion of sustainable and inclusive growth without overexploitation of the country's natural resources.
Because they are more restricted to near surface waters in the ETA, billfish and tunas are more vulnerable to overexploitation by surface gears.
Overexploitation of resources, coupled with natural phenomena and the fall in prices on the international markets have contributed to the decline of shrimp producing sector, according to the industry and the authorities.