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exploit excessively

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Until recently it has been widely believed that prey fish are impossible to overexploit because their populations grow so quickly.
Unlike dragnet fishing, which can overexploit marine resources, it is known as an environmentally friendly way to fish.
To survive, they have no alternative but to overexploit whatever resources are available and to seek those "locked away" in nearby parks.
The tragedy is that it is in each individual's interest to overexploit the common land rather than to bear the costs of preserving it.
With growing wealth and urbanization, it was feared that Germany would overexploit its natural resources and destroy its natural heritage.
Mining companies might create an atmosphere of dust around the moon, for instance, or overexploit the known sources of lunar ice (located in craters near the satellite's north and south poles).
At the national level, environmental damage tends to be concentrated in poorer countries, which often overexploit their natural resources in order to feed overconsumption in richer countries.