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unduly excited

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I think I may have been a little too overexcited and stood by the special offer section for a while until the confused salesman asked if he could help me in any way and I embarrassingly smiled and walked away.
Jan 1 TODAY Football's transfer window opens, the cue for 31 days of madness and an overexcited Jim White.
The 20–year–old Rizzle was a bit overexcited about everything, from the Wagon Wheel biscuit someone threw on stage to the guy dressed as a Power Ranger they got to dance with them for Stop With the Chatter, as well as doing bad impressions during a James Bond theme cover.
But thanks to an overexcited, haphazard dog, the family's endeavours end up in a complete mess.
From overexcited jumping on people, excessive barking, chewing, and others, Sue Brown advises readers on how to make the most of the problems at hand.
The characters were Maggie, played by Claire Bennet, a flustered receptionist, Scott, played by Mike Green, an arrogant corporate manager, Aref, played by Simon Holmes, a typical project manager, Adam, played by Zain Shaikh, an overexcited intern, and Dave, played by Gordon Torbet, a slightly unusual man, with strange ideas.
05pm) Mark invites his parents over for Christmas lunch, and plans everything down to the last detail - but Jeremy becomes overexcited, then Dobby and Super Hans turn up uninvited.
But recently, while the actor promoted his upcoming film, Dil Bole Hadippa, the crowd which had gathered to catch his glimpse got a little overexcited.
On a more frivolous note, Kam and I did get overexcited by the bodyguards, trying to spot the undercover M15 spooks.
All the TV newsreaders think its Christmas returned and are like overexcited children.
1) A-Way's Bowgrunter Plus is a hands-free, freeze-proof call with a "shut-down" feature that prevents bad sounds from overexcited users.
We're not pulling a disparate side together with an overly nationalistic coach at the helm who might get a bit overexcited by the occasion.
Plus, a dog may get overexcited in the car due to passersby or panic from claustrophobia, making dehydration more likely.
We are known to be fun and when the sun is out we all get a little bit overexcited.
I have a tendency to get overexcited, especially coming up with a big opportunity to drive in some runs.