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Synonyms for overestimation

an appraisal that is too high

a calculation that results in an estimate that is too high

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In particular, more positive perceptions and especially overestimation of socioeconomic conditions in Western countries can lead many Chinese citizens to have more negative views about China and the Chinese government.
Up to one-fifth of patients with newly diagnosed primary aldosteronism may have significant renal impairment (5) and the assay overestimation we describe may increase the likelihood of incorrect diagnosis at both the screening and confirmatory stages of investigation of such patients.
13] proposed a new design optimization framework for suspension systems in the presence of uncertainties, in which an interval bisection method was used to reduce the overestimation.
Previously we have found PSRP-NEP congruence to be limited, to include both under-and overestimation of PSRP, and to be further influenced by PSRP intensity and psychosocial (age, gender, and marital status) and situational (admission area and hospital stay) moderators [3].
Within the scope of an ecological perspective to perception and action, and based on the findings in the field of childhood, the specific aim of this study was to provide further assessment of the systematic overestimation of estimated competence reported in the literature [7, 11, 12].
In underestimation, there was no significant difference between 16-20 year group and greater than 20 year group but these two groups have more price overestimation than the other groups (p=0.
The cause of the mistakes, made in the Middle East and Ukraine, is actually the overestimation of one's capabilities, as well as underestimation of the opponents' reaction.
Differential misclassification of exposure, which could lead to under- or overestimation of the association, is unlikely given the design of the study and the geographical model used to estimate exposure.
Open Competition: Open tender for the right to sign the contract for the provision of services to protect the property rights of the Customer infringed presentation and (or) recovery resursosnabzhayuschimi organizations pay for assigned resources, and an overestimation of the amount for the period 2011-2014.
Some of the overestimation may reflect Americans' lack of knowledge about social statistics and demography, which is supported by Americans' historical tendency to overestimate the prevalence of other subgroups in the U.
The audit also found overestimation of volume of construction works in the amount of 967.
How might the physician community respond to consistent evidence about overestimation of risk when using the 2013 American Heart Association and American College of Cardiology risk prediction tool to determine statin use?
The result shows that Rajapaksa's decision to call the polls two years ahead of schedule was an overestimation of his popularity and thwarted his efforts to concentrate even more powers in the presidential palace in Colombo.
In our view this underperformance is mainly attributable to an overestimation of average wind conditions and underestimating the wake effects between turbines for studies completed prior to construction.
Mythomania is a psychological term for a syndrome in which an individual lies repeatedly for no reason, while hubris syndrome is defined by an overestimation of one's importance and abilities.