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unduly enthusiastic

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Thus, Envero-Islamism refers to the adventurist, overenthusiastic, over-ambitious, rhetoric-based neo-Ottomanist foreign policy of Turkey in the Davutoy-lu-Erdoy-an era.
An overenthusiastic PR team is all that Deepika has," the Bewakoofiyn star said.
However there were too many times when the piano was too weighty for the string duo, with overenthusiastic hectic keyboard flourishes not in keeping with the majority of various ancient baroque gems.
CURTIS Main paid the price for some early overenthusiastic harrying of the Derby back-line.
Bruce Boxleitner and Antonio Fargas' characters are tremendously fun to watch as the overenthusiastic sportscaster discovers the more modest, true spirit of the holiday.
Chiu speculates that when tissue is damaged by injury, an overenthusiastic immune system may need to be held back.
Almost 80 per cent of the 1,000 women questioned in the survey admitted to taking extra items, while a third said they were caught out by excess baggage charges due to overenthusiastic packing.
Overenthusiastic chewing in young dogs is easily quelled with consistent training and positive reinforcement.
twitter Join us @Michelle said: "Although Cindy can be a little overenthusiastic, she does have a a strong sense of smell and responds well to treats, which makes the training easier.
Better to stay away from overenthusiastic folks who repeat gossip and from making assumptions based on half a story.
4, the chief executive was overenthusiastic about the convenience to Paris that Delta provides through its joint venture.
The end was ruined by a small group of overenthusiastic members of the audience who started raucous applause instead of allowing the conductor - who had not put down his baton - a few moments of silence.
Derek Abbott of Hollier Browne advises how to deal with overenthusiastic agents QI RECENTLY put my home on the market, since when I have suffered what I can only describe as organised harassment from the local branch of a large, well-known firm of agents.
Her affection for the new pet could sometimes be overenthusiastic, and I would have to remind her: "Be gentle