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unduly enthusiastic

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Should it be determined that an error was made on behalf of an overenthusiastic contractor, then we will of course, seek to remedy this in line with the desires of the local council.
Two women friends had gone out for a girls night out, and had been overenthusiastic on the cocktails.
Thus, Envero-Islamism refers to the adventurist, overenthusiastic, over-ambitious, rhetoric-based neo-Ottomanist foreign policy of Turkey in the Davutoy-lu-Erdoy-an era.
An overenthusiastic PR team is all that Deepika has," the Bewakoofiyn star said.
Nilofar SuhrawardyIndia has always been diplomatically overenthusiastic in displaying its support for Afghanistan.
Chiu speculates that when tissue is damaged by injury, an overenthusiastic immune system may need to be held back.
Almost 80 per cent of the 1,000 women questioned in the survey admitted to taking extra items, while a third said they were caught out by excess baggage charges due to overenthusiastic packing.
The tackle was more overenthusiastic than vicious but was dangerous enough for a straight red.
Overenthusiastic chewing in young dogs is easily quelled with consistent training and positive reinforcement.
The promo--narrated by an overenthusiastic stoner-- introduces viewers to a show were "there's plenty of old fashioned cars to laugh at" and "anytime anyone says anything, a third person hears it in the doorway.
4, the chief executive was overenthusiastic about the convenience to Paris that Delta provides through its joint venture.
Provided Menorah produces a clean round of jumping the only danger appears to be the talented but overenthusiastic Kid Cassidy, who pulled hard when winning at Ludlow last time despite wearing a nose net and ear plugs.
John's overenthusiastic embrace of village life and all its eco-pieties, and his initial disinterest in sex with Becky, mask a credibly complex--if borderline neurotic--perfectionism, embodied beautifully by the just-annoying-enough Burns.
The end was ruined by a small group of overenthusiastic members of the audience who started raucous applause instead of allowing the conductor - who had not put down his baton - a few moments of silence.