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Synonyms for overemotional

excessively or abnormally emotional


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CALL MY TAURUS LINE TO HEAR MORE 0904 470 0722 IT is no good pretending that you don't care for a close one, when your overemotional state is proving otherwise.
A rather lethargic mood is the result of an overemotional week.
To find out more 0901 6093143 CANCER (June 22/July 23): Your element of water is making it hard for you not to get overemotional about a matter you actually hold the upper hand in.
com blog how she became overemotional when she saw Jackson's gold coffin below the stage.
Debate on the subject is often devalued by overemotional shrieking, but for a coherent analysis go to the Miko De Beauchene essay in this year's Timeform Chasers and Hurdlers.
I became really overemotional and just kept crying because I was starving.
Doctorow has a taut, disciplined style, which prevents his novel becoming shrill or overemotional, even when dealing with highly combustible material.
In Wimbledon 2001, an overemotional Joanette Kruger thwacked his chair with her racquet before losing to Marta Marrero.
The latter crowd includes a pony-tailed Geoffrey Rush in a delightful caricature of Hollywood vanity, Cedric the Entertainer as a zealous private detective and Paul Adelstein, perfect as Miles' faithful - and sometimes overemotional - sidekick.
CALL MY CANCER LINE TO HEAR MORE 0904 470 0724 YOU may find yourself overemotional.
I'm not being overemotional but it's an important brand for us and the show with the best ratings on STV.
The Moon brings your emotions to the fore, and you may find yourself getting overemotional about things, which usually don't seem to affect you.
Old Four-Eyes is so aggressively overemotional that she hates anyone with a stiff upper lip.
You will note that the sun is shining and the birds are singing, swooned an overemotional SFA official.
While his languid take on ``It Might as Well Be Spring'' and folksy ``Simple Gifts'' worked, the wondrous lightness of Beach Boy Brian Wilson's ``God Only Knows'' was lost in Sykes' overemotional version and ``Old Man River'' simply needed more grit.