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Synonyms for overeat



Synonyms for overeat

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In "Why We Overeat and How to Stop", Babock shares many practical and effective strategies to help get started, all written in a style that is clear, compassionate, and easy to follow.
There are ways to avoid or ignore the signals which push you to overeat.
Experts claim the new restaurant chain will encourage people to overeat at a buffet featuring roast meat, pizza, Chinese meals, pasta, chips and puddings.
Brian Wansink has some suggestions in his new book, Mindless Eating: Why We Eat More Than We Think (Bantam Books, 2006), on how to control the tendency to overeat on special occasions.
A study by Cornell University found that when test groups agreed to overeat by 35 percent for two weeks, they gained an average of five pounds, half of it body fat.
There are dozens of reasons why we overeat, and hunger is only one of them.
There are different reasons people overeat to obesity, which is why we must be tolerant of them.
If you skimp at breakfast and lunch to save up calories for an evening party, you set the stage to overeat.
Russian teenagers five times more often answer "yes" to the question, "Do you overeat when food is available because you are concerned that later you won't have enough food?
We must completely refocus our efforts to understand the biology of food addiction that creates the same compulsion to overeat that's provoked by the same mechanism (and behavior) in the brain that causes drug addiction.
4 CUT YOURSELF SOME SLACK If you slip back into your old ways on holiday and overeat, drink too much or fail to exercise - forgive yourself.
Specifically, the researchers studied the bones of rats that had a predisposition to overeat, which caused the rats to gain weight and become insulin resistant.
Every day I tell myself I won't overeat but I can't concentrate until I binge.