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A member of a three-man team set up by the power ministry to investigate Monday s outage said most states were impervious to official warnings about overdrawing.
Yadav said that the Uttar Pradesh Government was not responsible for overdrawing power.
Meanwhile, the typical penalty for overdrawing without permission is down from pounds 30 a time to around pounds 22.
The ratings reflect delays in term loan servicing by the company and persistent overdrawing in its cash credit facility.
Typically customers can incur charges for overdrawing without permission and having insufficient funds in their account to cover a transaction like a direct debit.
Can I keep overdrawing my bank account and asking my boss to advance me more money?
To assist consumers in understanding the financial effect of overdrawing their accounts, the final rule requires institutions that promote the payment of overdrafts in an advertisement to disclose on periodic statements the total dollar amount imposed for overdraft fees and the total dollar amount imposed for returned-item fees, both for the statement period and for the calendar year to date.