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Synonyms for overdramatise

present in an overly dramatic manner

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It is high time we escaped from the tyranny of politicians and journalists who overdramatise the present.
But Dr Mike Scott, a GP at Newburn Surgery in Newcastle, warned: "I do not want to overdramatise the situation, but the postal strike could put people's lives at risk.
Sky has undoubtedly pushed back the boundaries of TV news gathering and presentation, but its tendency to overdramatise events which are powerful enough to speak for themselves continues.
Taylor has a tendency to overdramatise ("A chill crept into his heart .
If you can't stand his tendency to overdramatise and play the wacky, rubber-faced clown, then you won't enjoy it.
However, they have a tendency to overdramatise the situation, as they do not take account of the fact that a sharp impact on prices will trigger actions which in the great majority of cases will be capable of mitigating the detrimental effects.
What can I say about this cure by mutation which does not deny or overdramatise my unexpectedly changing body?