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a draft in excess of the credit balance

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In 2010, the Federal Reserve Board began allowing financial institutions to charge overdraft fees on ATM and one-time debit charges only if members consented via opt-in notices.
The overdraft facility is being offered against fixed deposits.
ey also have a PS10 unauthorised overdraft buer, before any charges start to kick in.
Shift your overdraft to a 31 month 0% card WHILE you may have heard of credit card debt shifting deals called balance transfers, a few cards also offer a 'money transfer' where it simply pays cash into your bank account, so you can then pay off your overdraft, meaning you then owe it instead.
Manage your way back into credit CUTTING the cost of your overdraft isn't the end game, you should aim to always be in credit (or at least always within your overdraft when there's no cost).
There are banks that offer free authorised overdraft facilities - First Direct gives a PS250 interest-free overdraft, Santander a fee-free overdraft for four months and Nationwide for three months.
The blow comes as the average authorised overdraft rate on offer is at a new high, according to financial information website Moneyfacts.
The CFPB should enact some additional safeguards to rein in some of the unfair practices banks rely on to rake in overdraft fees.
com, said: "It's easy to fall back on your overdraft to see you through to pay day.
The majority of new/renewed loan or overdraft applicants were successful.
American Airlines Federal Credit Union (AA Credit Union) on Wednesday announced that it is taking overdraft protection to the next level.
The newly created Bureau of Consumer Financial Protection, as the agency in charge of writing new rules in this area, has already signaled a few areas that will be ripe for regulation, and one in particular is overdraft programs.
Overdraft rates have been hiked on one in four current accounts during the past 18 months - pushing the cost of going into the red up to a record high.
As of July 1, federal regulations require that when you open a new bank account, you will have to choose to be covered by overdraft services for one-time, point-of-purchase debit card or ATM transactions.
What we found is that unless individuals really scrutinise the small print the overdraft rates charged are far higher than they could even imagine," she said.