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Synonyms for overcritical

Synonyms for overcritical

inclined to judge too severely

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And yet, Bindra, as is his wont, underplayed the result, though he did admit he could be overcritical at times.
Such overcritical approach started even before the announcement of the official poll results and was obviously visible in the reports filed by some media outlets.
That they may have been overcritical of classics such as Shuihu zhuan 7Riftfli (Water Margin) or Sanguo yanyi [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] it (The Romance of Three Kingdoms) is not the issue here.
The uncritical tend to believe too much that is unsubstantiated; the overcritical tend to believe too little that is true.
As far as I can remember he was careful not to overstep the mark and not be overcritical of what was going on in Sarawak.
Negative aspects of perfectionism including being overcritical of mistakes and fearing failure can potentially cause distress and anxiety for individuals striving to meet unrealistically high standards (Schuler, 2000) and can be associated with underachievement (Davis & Rimm, 2004).
Perhaps it is being overcritical - he is with a master trainer, could come on for the run and is dropped from 1m to 7f today - but I would like to see Lay Claim finish with a bit more purpose before believing he was worth the favourite's odds likely in this handicap.
The most common reasons of student anger toward faculty are faculty rigidity, unfair treatment, and overcritical teachers (Thomas, 2003).
use of overcritical steam parameters in oil shale power plants;
Being overcritical or controlling affects the large intestine.
With reference to a sense of proportion, would you rate the instructor as being: ( ) Well balanced-not overcritical or oversensitive-having very good sense of values?
Tidwald's comments may strike us as harsh and overcritical, but as Tolkien argues in the essay "Ofermod," Beorhtnoth's actions clearly warrant criticism, not sympathy.
being overcritical, a workaholic, a pushover), Blumenthal outlines his Circles of Strength model: raise awareness, build support, take action.
Modest, shy, practical, overcritical and perfectionist.
Concerning automated process management it has to be pointed out that an overcritical damping ratio is the most important demand (Mare & Laffite 1995).