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(psychiatry) an attempt to overcome a real or imagined defect or unwanted trait by overly exaggerating its opposite

excessive compensation

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At this stage, the Commission therefore has concerns that the actual rate of return could be higher than the parties estimate and could lead to overcompensation.
But, because the corporation will bear the costs of processing these claims, a certain degree of overcompensation can be subsidized by the efficiency gained from streamlined processing.
Thus, increased property values are no indication of overcompensation.
As the contributions are fed back into the plan, an amplification or overcompensation effect is induced and this results in larger deficits.
Most research has emphasized the importance of the overload training period preceding the taper, during which the increase in both training volume and intensity delays the stimulation of biological adaptations via an overcompensation process (Avalos et al.
This compensatory growth response may be classified into the following 3 categories: (1) partial compensation, in which the animals cannot reach the control group level at the same age as unrestricted contemporaries; (2) full compensation, in which the animals reach the weight of the control group at the same age as the control group; and (3) overcompensation, in which the animals are larger than the control group during the same time frame (Jobling et al.
Renewable takes a second blowThe government mentioned overcompensation - higher return of investments due to falling equipment prices - as one of the root causes for cutting the incentives.
Jealousy, resentment, protectionism, overcompensation, remorse, self esteem issues, increased or decreased spirituality, isolation, depression, maladaptive behaviors are just some of the manifestations that siblings exhibit.
executive overcompensation is best dealt with not at the regulatory or
Rubin judged that stereotypical manifestations of traditional masculinity were often the overcompensation that masculine women indulged early in their transitions to full male status.
Keywords: nonpracticing entities (NPE), patent trolls, holdup, license agreements, royalty rate, overcompensation
commentators have criticized the overcompensation inherent in the
However, in the experimental study the efficiency differences are even more pronounced, with significant flooding of the evaporator, and the overcompensation of the valve resulting in large overshoot in the superheat response during the compressor on period.
31) It is precisely such overcompensation which is at work in Yamm's message.
We've mapped and labeled psychological do-si-dos like sublimation, displacement and overcompensation, learning that cause and effect don't always happen one after the other.