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(psychiatry) an attempt to overcome a real or imagined defect or unwanted trait by overly exaggerating its opposite

excessive compensation

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A DSS must keep monitoring the results and use them to determine whether the implementation of the green certificates support scheme leads to overcompensation, to elaborate the necessary reports for the national and European public authorities and to devise solutions for improving the green certificates support scheme and the related secondary legislation.
One option, investigated by HumanFIRST and previous research, was a quick but non-steering jerk of the wheel, but that created an uncomfortable sense that the car wanted control and resulted in overcompensation by drivers.
Too often, it makes them susceptible to overcompensation or apathy.
Under this extra workload, the heart muscle dilates, the walls of the heart thin, and the heart further remodels, thereby causing another cycle of dilation and overcompensation.
Of the British Council, Prof Goodby says: "Suffice it to say that efforts to throw off their upper-middle class image seem to have led to wild overcompensation, a desire to be seen as 'street' at all costs.
She said: "I have instructed my officials to introduce measures to further scrutinise valuations and valuers to prevent overcompensation.
The schema avoidance process refers to the tendency of escaping real-life situations that may trigger painful EMS, whereas the schema overcompensation process leads individuals to challenge and overcompensate for EMS.
The photovoltaic industry called for a "tailor-made, technology specific support mechanism" for renewables, arguing this is the best way to avoid overcompensation.
The executive invalidated the measures in 2005, however, holding that this state aid (loans, guarantees, making available of land at advantageous prices) resulted in incompatible overcompensation because the Netherlands' social housing scheme did not target a "public of socially disadvantaged persons".
Most research has emphasized the importance of the overload training period preceding the taper, during which the increase in both training volume and intensity delays the stimulation of biological adaptations via an overcompensation process (Avalos et al.
Renewable takes a second blowThe government mentioned overcompensation - higher return of investments due to falling equipment prices - as one of the root causes for cutting the incentives.
Jealousy, resentment, protectionism, overcompensation, remorse, self esteem issues, increased or decreased spirituality, isolation, depression, maladaptive behaviors are just some of the manifestations that siblings exhibit.
Plaintiff Overcompensation Under the Duty To Contribute B.
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