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(business) too much capitalization (the sale of more stock than the business warrants)

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However, the overcapitalization of the fossil fuel industry
H0: There is a negative and significant relationship between quality of financial reporting and overcapitalization.
If those shares are transferable among fishery participants, quota shares will be reallocated to the most efficient fishery participants, thereby reducing the overcapitalization of the fishery.
What may be surprising, however, is that despite clear evidence of overcapitalization and overfishing within the region, much of the aid given to the fisheries sector focuses on increasing productivity rather than research and development, training provision, and shaping fishing policy and management.
In addition, as noted in our January 2013 letter, the 70-30 safe harbor for success-based fees can lead to under- or overcapitalization of facilitative fees.
In a long-run perspective, this is a sign of overcapitalization in agriculture and not of credit rationing.
FGB addressing overcapitalization by prepaying AED 4.
The new modified simplified production method may provide a taxpayer-favorable result by reducing distortions in the existing simplified production method that generally result in overcapitalization of additional Sec.
In some countries such programs contribute to overcapitalization in commercial fisheries, which has stymied reforms needed to enhance the sustainability of fish stocks and associated ecosystems.
Overcapitalization, high surplus and low-investment returns are keeping insurance rates out of balance and masking the true state of the market, according to two industry executives.
Nevertheless, debt financing is criticized sometimes as creating an incentive for overcapitalization by sub-national governments if the individual voters who approve projects do not perceive their future costs (Fisher, 2007).
One way of characterizing these losses is to infer an overcapitalization of capital goods or overbidding for the capital goods committed to the strategy.
revenue > initial Initial cost> initial costs-- revenue Causes Causes fair overcapitalization capitalization overtime.
In an effort to avoid overcapitalization on chance and random error, we only classified schools as positive or negative outliers if they exhibited large residuals in the same direction on both the reading and math achievement tests, and we feel that researchers who make use of this technique are well-advised to triangulate their data in this fashion.
High fishing intensity, overcapitalization, negative environmental impacts, and gear conflicts characterized the fishery until the Florida Legislature enacted a trap reduction program in 1991.