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(business) too much capitalization (the sale of more stock than the business warrants)

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H0: There is a negative and significant relationship between quality of financial reporting and overcapitalization.
If those shares are transferable among fishery participants, quota shares will be reallocated to the most efficient fishery participants, thereby reducing the overcapitalization of the fishery.
boats are retired to reduce the overcapitalization of the fleet.
Those countries with higher subsidies designed to increase fishing revenue, or lower the costs of fishing and thus enhance productivity, recorded higher losses due to overfishing and overcapitalization.
Overcapitalization, high surplus and low-investment returns are keeping insurance rates out of balance and masking the true state of the market, according to two industry executives.
One way of characterizing these losses is to infer an overcapitalization of capital goods or overbidding for the capital goods committed to the strategy.
revenue > initial Initial cost> initial costs-- revenue Causes Causes fair overcapitalization capitalization overtime.
High fishing intensity, overcapitalization, negative environmental impacts, and gear conflicts characterized the fishery until the Florida Legislature enacted a trap reduction program in 1991.
The authors provide theoretical evidence that capital expenditure disallowances will increase the Averch and Johnson effect in some instances and thus may have contributed to the overcapitalization problem that regulation was designed to discourage.
The structure provides AEGON with security in the event that markets deteriorate significantly and flexibility to avoid excessive overcapitalization in the event that markets stabilize.
Despite setbacks due to overcapitalization, the railroad fostered the demand for iron, steel, lumber, and other products, created thousands of jobs, provided a corporate model, supported the communication system of the telegraph, and supplied the transportation infrastructure of the burgeoning nation.
676), the empirical evidence of the effect of ROR regulation on overcapitalization is "mixed", while Greenwald and Sharkey (1989, p.
The contract's provisions provided a strong incentive for overcapitalization because BOVAR's profits were a function of its capital investment rather than its cost-efficiency.
As such, the implied cost (or benefit) of overcapitalization needs to be added to the firm's costs of debt and equity.
One exception is Environmental Defense, which supports ITQs as an effective tool against over-fishing and overcapitalization.