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(bridge) a bid that is higher than your opponent's bid (especially when your partner has not bid at all and your bid exceeds the value of your hand)


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All of that information is important when it comes to figuring out the right way to call so that you don't overcall.
The Overcall team of owner Barry Connell and Mullins didn't have to wait long for compensation as Ballychorus followed-up her Killarney bumper success in the second division.
These definitions will probably remain in place "for the next 5 years," Dr Gallagher said, "but there is a general feeling that this diagnosis is a little bit of an overcall.
From the issuer perspective, the overcall market was thought to benefit if buyers of securities have adequate means of redress should a fraud occur.
During the 11-week trial, Chapman served as counsel along with attorney Victor Sher of Sher Leff, LLP, a San Francisco law firm that specializes in water quality cases, with overcall case oversight by Susan Amron of the New York City Law Department.
Why radiologists tend to overcall pediatric chest radiographs.
Overcall 3c Choisir - My Darling Dodo John Harrington Unraced He's been a bit backward but has started to make progress Posh Frock 3f Oratorio-Opera Ridge Dean Fleming 0-0 RPR 55 The penny is beginning to drop with her after her first two runs.
As the use of mobile devices and applications continues to become more prevalent in our everyday lives, the ability to access detailed vehicle information directly from the palm of your hand will dramatically change the overcall car buying experience," commented Maheshwari.
Do not overcall the gobbler as he approaches because he may revert to what is natural to him, remaining stationary and displaying, while gobbling, to attract hens to his location.
Here I reasoned if I were him and I held QQ44 or 10, 10, 6, 6 (hands he could maybe overcall a 3bet with) and I did fill up on the river I would probably check it here since: 1.
This finding raises a key question: Does the standard rule-out work-up miss significant CAD, or does CT angiography overcall it?
I used to overcall with bugling or cow calls and that's not realistic.
Lower HPV infection rates flag labs that overcall these diagnoses.
Overcall c Choisir - My Darling Dodo John Harrington& Joe McElroy A late foal who has just gone through a stage of growing.
In my time throughout the Pacific Flyway, I've come to the conclusion it is almost impossible to overcall wigeon.