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If so many teachers are critical of this overbusy lesson an obvious question arises.
Staying on the same page: I know ministers are overbusy this time of year, may I suggest that for one of your sermons you put Baillie Ferguson's work up on a board at the front of the sanctuary.
Overbusy, I find myself communicating with friends in short electronic bursts of e-mail, or calling and tucking the handset into the crook of my neck so I can chat while I do the dishes.
Their Whoville may not resemble Seuss' simpler, original, thatched-hut hamlet, and it's easy to fault the architecturally overbusy sets for looking like an unholy marriage of Frank Lloyd Wright and Rube Goldberg, honeymooning in Toontown.
It sounds a little dated, like most fusion music, and Cobham's drumming is as annoyingly overbusy as it ever was, but the sharp-edged intensity that was this group's stock in trade is there in abundance, and it is fun to hear a band that was just trying so darned hard to blow their listeners away with their composing and playing.
What this means is that while passengers have a harrowing time negotiating the crowds on the overbusy platforms, the other platforms go underutilised.
Elsewhere, in surroundings less novel and far less felicitous (the Dun Mhuire Theatre, a parish hall refurbished for the 2006 season), the "Shorter Works" offered, as late-afternoon fare, a misdirected, squally Suor Angelic; an overbusy, but ingenious, Signor Bruschino, unhappily curtailed by a fire alarm at its first performance; and a genial Old Maid and the Thief.