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Synonyms for overburdened

heavily burdened with work or cares

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Her quaint gossip about herself and her occupations while Agnes had been away, acted as a relief to her mistress's overburdened mind.
Lynde, not being overburdened with perception, did not see this.
Our neighbours in this part of the world are not overburdened with brains.
Then she was attracted by a chaise rapidly passing, and watched its moist and glistening top, and its splashing wheels, until it had turned the corner, and refused to carry any further her idly trifling, because appalled and overburdened, mind.
In trooped the motley organization-- black slaves and dark hued Arabs of the northern deserts; cursing camel drivers urging on their vicious charges; overburdened donkeys, waving sadly pendulous ears while they endured with stoic patience the brutalities of their masters; goats, sheep and horses.
Young Goodman Brown caught hold of a tree for support, being ready to sink down on the ground, faint and overburdened with the heavy sickness of his heart.
He keeps no staff, only one middle-aged man, usually a little out at elbows, who sits in a high pew in the hall and is rarely overburdened with business.
And also how I, who never did a stroke of work in my life, am overburdened with wealth; whilst the children of the men who made that wealth are slaving as their fathers slaved, or starving, or in the workhouse, or on the streets, or the deuce knows where.
The following was one of the queries put to Hubbard by the overburdened Sanders:
At harvest time, they were forced to go with their little axes and cut down the grain, exactly as a woodcutter makes a clearing in the forest; and when a stalk of wheat, with its overburdened top, chanced to come crashing down upon an unfortunate Pygmy, it was apt to be a very sad affair.
They say the East Coast main line is not capable of taking traffic off the overburdened West Coast main line because it is filling up too.
The cargo was overburdened due to the import of fertilizers through Karachi port which left the export of cement through Karachi and Qasim ports 12 per cent short in comparison with March.
Even though the airport is roughly 80 miles north of New York City, the Port Authority has treated the facility as if it was within the fold of metropolitan transportation infrastructure and as a way to take the pressure off overburdened JFK, LaGuardia and Newark.
Until then, abstinence-only sex-ed will continue to be useless to minority children already overburdened with societal opprobrium in addition to the usual challenges of maturing.
Undocumented residents put strain on an overburdened system, but so do rising numbers of uninsured, so it's just one piece of the health-care crisis,'' said Michael Wilson, a spokesman for the Los Angeles County Department of Health Services.