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Synonyms for overboard

go overboard


throw something or someone overboard

References in classic literature ?
I can't say we think special of any man, or boy even, that falls overboard from that kind o' packet in a flat ca'am.
All was now confusion and despair--but an effort was made to lighten the ship by throwing overboard as much of her cargo as could be reached, and by cutting away the two masts that remained.
He would have given much of the gold before him for a little water--for he had to replace what had been thrown overboard when the negro was carried up into the air.
Fling the girl overboard," cried Hook; and they made a rush at the figure in the cloak.
As they were rushing to obey their leader's command there was a respite in the fighting on the ship, for the three who had not fallen beneath the bull whip had leaped overboard to escape the fate which had overtaken their comrades.
I would throw him overboard tonight," he cried, "were I sure that those papers were not on his person.
All he knew was that it was Lerumie who had broken the taboo of his sacred person by laying hands on him, and that it was Lerumie who had thrown him overboard.
Throw the dog overboard, sir, yes, sir," the boat-swain repeated, but hesitated.
But a very great tempest came on, and the ship being in danger of sinking, he threw all his merchandise overboard, and barely escaped with his life in the empty ship.
And so the sailors fled into the stern and crowded bemused about the right-minded helmsman, until suddenly the lion sprang upon the master and seized him; and when the sailors saw it they leapt out overboard one and all into the bright sea, escaping from a miserable fate, and were changed into dolphins.
Some- thing big appeared in the air before the shutter, the rifle went overboard, and the man stepped back swiftly, looked at me over his shoulder in an extraordinary, pro- found, familiar manner, and fell upon my feet.
Talk of falling overboard," he began, "reminds me of an extraordinary adventure--"
And indeed (beyond that I wondered a little at the lateness of the sunset light) I gave no heed to it, and pushed on across the decks, running between the seas, catching at ropes, and only saved from going overboard by one of the hands on deck, who had been always kind to me.
When the propeller went the ship broached-to at once, and the masts got whipped overboard.
He shouted also something about the smoke-stack being as likely to go overboard as not.