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Synonyms for overblown

Synonyms for overblown

characterized by language that is elevated and sometimes pompous in style

filled up with or as if with something insubstantial

Synonyms for overblown

puffed up with vanity

past the stage of full bloom

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However it does show that this antiimmigration campaign is much overblown.
New research, however, suggests this positive spin on sulfur may be overblown.
GENTLEMEN: By this point in Campaign 2004, the voting public has been treated to a few thousand ads attacking John Kerry's overblown Vietnam record and uncountable references to George Bush's complete lack of same.
ISN'T it about time the Cardiff City players stopped the stupid overblown promises in the Echo sports pages ?
He claims the evidence to support the EPA's calculations is weak, resulting in overblown estimates of the cost of lives saved.
Throughout, Bellabarba has a wealth of comment, always balanced and judicious, on King James himself, who never degenerates into that overblown picture of a besotted and unkingly man; now he becomes the central focus of the fifth chapter which discusses him as the agent of divine justice who earned great praise for his original initiative in pursuing the lesser murderers to trial and execution, but who became a target for criticism when he commuted the death sentences on the Somersets to imprisonment; efforts to justify the agent of divine mercy were much less successful.
There is a massive gap between his overblown rhetoric of the politics of achievement and the democratic deficit and what he actually does.
This book of well-intentioned lovers exceeds its overblown marketing campaign.
Now all the Beeb editors have to do is monitor the words to remove overblown tosh such as this flight of fancy, which featured in a general guide to National Hunt: "Jump racing is arguably the most life-encompassing sport there is.
A recent item in The American Enterprise magazine suggests the perceived hazard may be overblown.
And if excellence is truly an overblown myth, we shouldn't be surprised to see 10 Things They Don't Teach You at Web van and If You Want to Swim with the Sharks, Stop Being Such a Big Blue Whale.
This is his story -- movingly, passionately, sometimes humorously told -- but without the kind of overblown rhetoric that too often characterizes comment about the Middle East.
Our eardrums begin hurting whenever we hear a hackneyed cliche, a stale aphorism, or overblown oratory.
But librarians in Holland said those concerns were overblown.
I believe that the hysteria over so-called Y2K problem with computers is overblown.