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Synonyms for overblown

Synonyms for overblown

characterized by language that is elevated and sometimes pompous in style

filled up with or as if with something insubstantial

Synonyms for overblown

puffed up with vanity

past the stage of full bloom

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He claims the evidence to support the EPA's calculations is weak, resulting in overblown estimates of the cost of lives saved.
FEARS of a slowdown in high street spending at Christmas may have been overblown with 54pcof retailers enjoying sales growth over the festiveperiod, research has shown.
This book of well-intentioned lovers exceeds its overblown marketing campaign.
Now all the Beeb editors have to do is monitor the words to remove overblown tosh such as this flight of fancy, which featured in a general guide to National Hunt: "Jump racing is arguably the most life-encompassing sport there is.
A recent item in The American Enterprise magazine suggests the perceived hazard may be overblown.
For their part, the Kressels' rather cheerful conclusion, based on whatever scant research exists, and the opinions of assorted experts, is that the fears about consultant-concocted juries defeating the right to trial by an impartial jury are greatly overblown.
And if excellence is truly an overblown myth, we shouldn't be surprised to see 10 Things They Don't Teach You at Web van and If You Want to Swim with the Sharks, Stop Being Such a Big Blue Whale.
Many readers will be glad to ride free from the excesses of an overblown postmodernism, but may still feel disappointed at significant absences, most notably in the limited treatment of gender and sexuality.
If, for example, Henryson metamorphoses Chaucer's most compelling woman, Criseyde, into a whore, and Dunbar turns his second most compelling woman, the Wife of Bath, into an ideologue, Lindsay inflates elements of Chaucer's mirthful and mercifully curtailed self-criticism in Sir Topas into an extensive presentation of his Knight of civic virtues and unrequited loves in two directions, Squyer Meldrum (Lindsay's old friend) and his ironically overblown testament and funeral.
This is his story -- movingly, passionately, sometimes humorously told -- but without the kind of overblown rhetoric that too often characterizes comment about the Middle East.
Our eardrums begin hurting whenever we hear a hackneyed cliche, a stale aphorism, or overblown oratory.
But librarians in Holland said those concerns were overblown.
AOL have said complaints about interference by its software were overblown and the result of customers not understanding the system.
I believe that the hysteria over so-called Y2K problem with computers is overblown.
When a site creates an overblown perception or seems to promise services or experience the firm can't deliver, "clients feel deceived," he says.