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(dentistry) malocclusion in which the upper teeth extend abnormally far over the lower teeth

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I think what happened is this: Because she has the overbite she couldn't compete in the show ring, so she was a cull, just left on her own with no attention and certainly no training.
admiring the green fit of its overbite, when whoever came to tint the
A beanstalk of a man with large overbite and intense eyes, he similarly grounds the drama as an intelligent individual who unfortunately finds himself out of his depth, but knows that to return home a failure is impossible.
Commonly called overbite, overjet and overbite actually refer to different malocclusions.
Ricky Gervais has repeatedly insisted that his character of Derek, a care home assistant with slapped down hair, an overbite and poor taste in cardigans, doesn't have learning difficulties.
He is now green-skinned, with a large nose and ears, tiny eyes, and his teeth bear an overbite.
broad jaw and gnarled overbite contributing to a pronounced lisp; her
Overbite, overjet, and Angle Class relationship, based on maxillary and mandibular first molars were considered.
Buck-toothed Uday had an overbite so Latif's teeth were broken and rebuilt in the shape of Uday's.
This perception of Russia and the United States sharing a singularity in strategic nuclear capabilities compared to other powers carries political overbite for Russian negotiators in various international forums and provides Russia a toehold on great power military status.
Tea Party politician Sarah Palin told Us Magazine that she only had the facial overhaul so that her jaw and teeth could properly realign as a result of an overbite.
She had gone into hospital for jaw surgery to correct an overbite when the shock discovery was made.
Two days later, the Iranian Navy described the rescue without any political overbite, crediting the Americans, and announced the fishermen had been turned over to an Iranian Navy vessel in the Arabian Sea.
Cranial characters include (1) wide nasal apertures (African), (2) narrow nasal apertures (Caucasoid), (3) wide interorbital distances (African), (4) no nasal sill (African), (5) pointed nasal spine (Caucasoid), (6) palate wide and often rectangular (African), (7) palate narrow and triangular (Caucasoid), (8) curved suture between the zygomatic and maxilla (Caucasoid), (9) edge-to-edge incisal occlusion (Asian), (10) slight overbite (Caucasoid), (11) anterior projecting zygomatics (Asian), (12) flattened facial skeleton (Asian), (13) prognathous facial skeleton (African), (14) circular orbits (Asian), (15) rectangular orbits (African) and (16) shovel-shaped incisors (Asian), (17) lighter and relatively smaller facial bones (Caucasoid), and (18) rounded calvaria (Asian).
When examining the bite, a crossbite or significant overjet or overbite are signs of maxillary or mandibular deficiency.